A curious little apprentice wizard has his whole world turned upside down when he tries casting a spell from a mysterious book. Now, whenever he moves the whole world moves with him and everything is never in one place anymore. To break the spell, he must find a tome that rests in the highest room of the magical tower of Olimdal.

Olimdal is a quaint and charming puzzle game that is all about one mechanic: movement. To traverse the floors of Olimdal, the wizard must manipulate each room to his advantage. The way will only open when you move certain objects, so we hope your feet are not too tired!

Players only have direct control over the young wizard – nothing else. Objects in the room that are affected by the magical interference are highlighted, so paying attention to them whenever you move is key to solving the puzzles. They only move when you do, further studying is required!

Olimdal is an immersive experience as every single room inside Olimdal is painstakingly detailed to make each room stand out. The music and atmosphere provide a curious feeling, further emphasizing a mystery that needs resolving.

Olimdal is available now on the App Store at a limited time price of 1.99 USD.


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