Not content with the small stuff, it’s the kingship you’ll set your sights on in Netmarble’s new fantasy-set strategy MMO title Iron Throne. Rendered fully using high quality 3D visuals, this ambitious journey is free for all mobile players to experience from today with one million pre-registered players already in on the action.

With darkness falling across the land and you as one of the only remaining descendants of the firstborn, in Iron Throne you’ll be tasked with building up an army of your own to fight the forces of evil. You’ll achieve this by recruiting helpful allies you come across throughout this fully open world, placing them as officers and captains in their own respective castles – you won’t bear this burden alone.

If reigning over your own kingdom becomes too much, Iron Throne also features many PVP multiplayer modes to sink your sword into. Battle Royale mode sees 20 players dropped into a wide open space, challenging you to see how long you can last. Traditional Team Deathmatch is also present, with two teams of 20 duking it out. Co-operation as well as competition is required to win.

Iron Throne makes its highly-anticipated debut on iOS and Android device from today. Do you have what it takes to take the crown?


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