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Clash of Mythos Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Powerful Base

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Clash of Mythos tips and cheats to help you get more Might and build a powerful base that nobody will be able to destroy.

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In this game you will have to plan your strategy and build a powerful castle, surround it with mighty buildings and train tons of soldiers so that you will be able to gather a lot of resources and sustain your little empire (saying “little” because it’s still small at start).

So, if you are ready to learn how you can become a mighty Lord and have a strong Castle and powerful kingdom, then let’s get into our Clash of Mythos tips and tricks to help you build the best base in the game!

Start by ensuring your resource income!

In this type of games I only see one right way to start, and that is by building all the resource facilities that you can at the very beginning. These resource buildings will start producing resources for you early on, and the sooner you build the maximum number of them available, the more resource income you will have.

You can only build these outside the Castle Walls, and at the very beginning you can have the following: 4 Farms, 4 Lumber Camps and 4 Bivouacs. As you level up your Castle more and more, you will unlock more types of facilities, which will start producing other types of resources. In the game, these are the Resources:

Farms: produce Food (you need Castle level 1)

Lumber Camps: produce Wood (you need Castle level 1)

Bivouacs: increase Training Speed and Training Cap (you need Castle level 1)

Infirmaries: heal wounded soldiers (you need Castle level 4)

Iron Mines: produce Iron (you need Castle level 10)

Gold Mines: produce Gold (you need Castle level 15)

I suggest that as soon as you start the game you start by building 4 Farms, 4 Lumber Camps and 1-2 (even 4 if you feel like) Bivouacs. The resource farms are more important than the Bivouacs in my opinion, so try focusing on these.

Free building and upgrading is great!

Every time you select to build a new structure you can do it for free by simply tapping on the button that appears above the building “Free” or by selecting “Free Build Now” when you tap on the building you want to construct.

By tapping on the “Free Build Now” you will instantly build it and that is one of the best things you can do early on, since it will save you some time (just a few seconds). Another thing you can do is upgrade the buildings for free.

Just like in the case of building the structures, you can also upgrade them for free by using the “Upgrade” option and then tapping on the “Free” button which appears above the structure, or by simply selecting the “Free Upgrade Now” option.

Usually this option is the “premium” one, as it requires Diamonds, but whenever you see it available for free, you should definitely take advantage of it and select it.

Join an active Alliance

Joining an Alliance is going to have a major impact on the game, as it will let you make upgrades much faster and communicate with people. The very first time you join an Alliance you will receive 300 Diamonds for free, but this is a one time thing only.

In my opinion you should be looking to join a great Alliance since the very beginning, so you will not have to worry about switching to a more active and strong one later on – however, if this is not possible and you can only find random average not-so-active Alliances early, you can join one to claim the Diamonds and then switch to a better one later on.

By joining a good and active Alliance you will be able to request help from the other members, and that is going to reduce the construction & upgrade timers of your buildings. The other players will be able to request help too, and you can help them as well.

Once you join an Alliance, make sure you request help from the other players, before you actually use the Speed Ups. Also, make sure you help them too!

Always upgrade the buildings

Whenever you upgrade your Castle, you will also increase the maximum level your buildings can be upgraded to. I suggest that you always keep them at the maximum level all the time, because that way you will always have them at their best.

There is something that I always prefer to do when I build a new structure, and that is upgrade it immediately. No matter if the quest asks for it or not, I always prefer to upgrade it to the maximum level possible for the current Castle level, so that you will not have to worry about making the upgrades later.

After making these upgrades, you can upgrade the Castle and that is going to unlock a new maximum level for the buildings. Go back and upgrade them one by one for every Castle level – in my opinion it is the best approach to make sure your Might is high.

Unlock new plots of land

You can unlock new plots of land every now and then, when you reach certain milestones. You will need resources for unlocking new plots of land, but it’s nothing crazy. Do this whenever you see the lock on top of the clouds above the locked land.

Once you do this, you can build more resource farms, so you can have even more resource income.

Follow the quest line and claim quest rewards

On the bottom left side of your screen you will see certain tasks that once you complete, will give you resources, Speed Ups and much more rewards. You can quickly complete them by tapping on the quest and then going to the “Go” button, which is going to take you exactly in the place where the quest asks you to go.

If you are not sure what to do next, what to upgrade next and how to progress further into the game, you can complete the quests and little tasks it asks! I prefer not to follow the quest line at start and instead build all the buildings available, as well as make Castle upgrades.

Once I reached level 5 or so with the Castle, I go to the quests and start claiming the rewards.

Other Clash of Mythos tips and tricks:

– Check your Bag often because you will have unopened resource packs. Open them by tapping on the “Use” and that’s going to use the resources. You can also tap on “Use in bulk” if you have multiple.

– Claim your free in game rewards! Every now and then you will be able to claim from the message board an “Online Pack” which you will get for simply staying online in the game. Make sure you check this – when it’s available you will see a gift icon above the message board.

– Always have troops training! This will ensure your army is big and powerful, and you will never be short of having some extra members during battles. You can do this while your Barracks or other military buildings are idle (not upgrading).

– Recruit from the Tavern for free! Every day you will have 5 free attempts to recruit some heroes. Make sure you check this whenever it is available, and claim the free daily rewards!

These would be all of our Clash of Mythos tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful game tips that you want to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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