Civilization VI

Many PC and console games have received mobile releases in the past, but they are often reworked games that better resonate with the iOS and Android audience. Today, however, iPhone players are getting the full experience of a game released on PC a while back, Civilization VI.

The iPhone version of the popular strategy game is not a reworked game, but the full experience that’s available on PC and other formats.

This, however, comes at a price, literally, as the game is priced at $59.99, which is an unreal price for a mobile game. Civilization VI is a universal app, thankfully, so it’s possible for those who have purchased the iPad release to download the game on their iPhone free of charge.

If you’re interested in the game, but don’t want to spend 60 dollars on it, you’re in luck, as Civilization VI can be purchased for $23.99 for the next few days.

A demo version is also available, which allows players to play 60 turns for free. It’s not a lot for this type of game, but it’s still good.

The mobile version of Civilization VI does its best to ease players into a complex experience, as it features tutorials which explain game flow and mechanics. There’s also a multiplayer mode to show the world who’s the best at creating an empire and making it the best there is.

Civilization VI is now available on the App Store.


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