ChuChu Rocket! Universe Walkthrough: Constellations 1 & 2


Welcome all would-be space mouse cadets! The evil emperor KapuKapu has kidnapped all of the little ChuChus, and it is up to you to help the ChuChus escape in ChuChu Rocket! Universe.

Today, we will walk you through all of the levels for the first two constellations, the ChuChu and Rocket constellations. Our solutions are the 3-star solutions, so you do not have to worry about missing any stars.

You do not need to get all of the stars to unlock the next constellation, but you do get an achievement and a new character if you get all of them. So, let’s get started with our ChuChu Rocket! Universe walkthrough for constellations 1 and 2!

Constellation 1: ChuChu Constellation

1-1: Send ChuChu Up!

1-2: Send ChuChu Left!

1-3: Hidden Gap

1-4: Send ChuChu Both Ways!

1-5: Mind the Ledge

1-6: Tiny Planet

1-7: Cut in Line

1-8: Ramping Up

1-9: Getting Loopy

1-10: Chu-Choose Direction

Constellation 2: Rocket Constellation

2-1: KapuKapu are Slow

2-2: KapuKapu Follow Arrows

2-3: KapuKapu Destroy Arrows

2-4: Mousehole Mountain

2-5: The Mousehole

2-6: Chicken

2-7: Down the Mousehole

2-8: One Step Ahead

2-9: Missing Direction

2-10: Taking Your Time

Note that this is your first timed level, but it is easy to do. Just replicate the same pattern you see here for the other rocket.

And there you go! If you follow all our placement patterns, you will get all stars for the first two constellations.

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ChuChu Rocket! Universe Walkthrough: Constellations 1 & 2


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