Chief Almighty Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Most Powerful Tribe

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In today’s article we are going to give you all of our Chief Almighty tips and cheats to help you become a strong tribe leader and do everything that you need in order to have one of the best tribes in the game.

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By following our guide here, you will learn all the things that you should focus on early game, and learn all of our tips to join a powerful clan, and to never run out of resources, no matter what you want to build or how many soldiers you want to train.

So if you are eager to learn all of our tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Chief Almighty tips and tricks to help you build the most powerful tribe!

Build as many resource farms as you can

In the game there are two main resources: wood and meat. You will need both of them in order to build and do basically anything, so I suggest that in the lower side of the river where you see the empty plots of land, you build 5 Hunting Grounds and 5 Lumber Mills. 

If you are already a higher level, your limit will increase, so you can have more and more the higher your level. My suggestion would be to build as many as you can there and as you unlock more land space (by cutting down the trees). 

You will be able to increase your land every 5 levels, and that means that you can cut down the trees blocking your way at level 5, 10, 15. Definitely do this because you will need the space!

Upgrade the buildings as you level up the Tribe Center

For every level that your Tribe Center increases, your buildings will have a new maximum level. If you are following the game tutorial and only do the quests that it asks you to, you won’t have all the buildings maxed out as you upgrade, but only the required ones.

In my opinion it is better to keep all of your buildings maxed out because that way you will never have to worry about having a building that is not as powerful as the rest, and you will never have to go back and check them one by one to see which isn’t upgraded.

Even if the game doesn’t say that this is super mandatory, after playing the game for a while I consider it to be pretty important! If all of your buildings are the maximum possible level for the current Tribe Center level, then you will never have to worry about quest requirements and so on.

Use the free upgrades whenever you can

The free upgrades are of two kind: first, when you just create a new building, and second, when you have about 10 minutes left of a building’s upgrade.

When you are just raising a building for the first time in a clear plot of land, you will be able to build it for free. This also works for upgrading the building instantly, for a few levels. Basically whenever a building has less than 10 minutes until completion, you can do it for free.

As for the second option, once your building upgrading takes more than 10 minutes (and trust me, it will) you can do several things to speed up the building, other than waiting it out. We will cover these below, but until then, you should always think about one thing: free completion is at the 10 minute mark

Speed up the building

Since we mentioned above that there’s a few things you can do to speed up the building process, let’s get into them one by one.

– Use Speed Ups you get as rewards

The Speed Ups are limited, and you get them in many ways – from completing certain quests, to random rewards from the lucky “spin the turtle” and daily rewards, these are limited in number and I suggest that you don’t start using them early on.

In my opinion it’s better if you save them for when you are Tribe Center level 9+ because until then it’s better if you just wait for the upgrades and use the clan aid. Another thing I have to say about the Speed Ups is that you should only use them until the 10 minute mark! Not more! (because of the free completion)

– Get help from your Clan

This is one of the most important features in game, because the speed up is free and is insanely fast! Oh, and you can also do it for an infinite number of times, because as long as there are people in the clan to help, you will get free speed ups.

To get help from the Clan, simply tap on the helping hands icon on top of the building that you want to complete and that will send instantly a request to the clan (once you joined one, of course).

Hire the 8-Hour Second Builders

If you are looking to advance in the game ASAP this is one of the easiest ways of doing so. When you start the game, you will be able to hire a second helping hand for free, and that will let you work in two separate locations at once.

This is very important, because at start the buildings won’t take long to complete at all, and you can reach Tribe Center level 10 in a matter of hours (if well planned)! If this sounds like a lot, think about the fact that if you don’t want to hire the 8-Hour Second Builders then it can take you even a day to reach level 10 (if you don’t invest into anything pretty much)! 

Join a good and active Clan

Joining an active clan is super important because it will give you some really amazing rewards and it will help you grow super fast. Whenever you join a Clan for the very first time you will receive 200 Diamonds for simply joining!

This is one good reason to join a good Clan, but other than this, there is also the help you can get to build faster! If you are in an active Clan, you can offer and request aid from other players for free!

A good Clan will help you finish constructing the buildings much quicker than you think and they will help you save up those Speed Ups for later levels! Oh, and let’s not forget about all the other perks of being in a good Clan, which are plenty – from teleporting to your Clan Hive in the world map and receiving rewards, to battling into Clan versus Clan battles! 

A few extra Chief Almighty tips and tricks:

– If you see some blue wolves wandering around in the bottom side of the screen, tap on them! This will send your people there to kill them and you will get some random rewards!

– In the upper side of the river bank, right next to the Lost Temple and Scavenger Hut you can spot a tiny archer! Tap on it and play the mini game in order to get some extra random rewards every day!

– Tap on the sparkling spots in water to go fishing! These spots can be either hard or difficult to fish in, but sooner or later you will get the hang of it – no doubt! In order to fish you will need Bait, so if you have a few extra Diamonds to spare, you can buy it – else, just wait for the free Bait every day!

– Go to your Tribe Center and check out the Wild Girl menu! As misleading as this might seem, it’s going to help you boost your tribe’s power! Go ahead and use every day the free Roses and do your best at guessing the right card! 

– Log in every day to claim cool rewards! Every single day, even if you don’t really plan on playing the game, you should still log in the game to simply claim the free rewards! You will get free speed ups, resources and much more useful stuff, so it’s really worth it!

– Go to the Temple of Wisdom and start invoking! In my opinion the most important one you should start on is the Development, but if you are struggling in other fields, by all means make your choices according to what you need! 

Either way, don’t forget to do this as much as possible, because it will help you very much, especially once you max out all the construction speed nodes!

– Bind your account for some extra 200 free Diamonds! Whenever you bind your account for the first time, you will receive 200 Diamonds, so go ahead and do it!

– Play Whack-A-Mole! This game within the game is super fun and it gives you some pretty useful rewards too! If you have resources, you can choose to play and receive them and if you are not happy with what you got, refresh for free!

These would be all of our Chief Almighty tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have some other useful tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Chief Almighty Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Most Powerful Tribe

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