Cheaper, Safer, and More Convenient – eSIMs Are the Next Big Thing on Mobile


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Remember when you used to have to stick a little dagger-like SIM extraction tool into your phone whenever you wanted to swap your SIM? 

Of course you do, because that’s exactly how SIMs work. When you go abroad, out comes the tool. When you change your plan, out comes the tool.

But one day pretty soon you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever put up with this tedious process, because we’re all about to be swept up in the eSIM revolution. 

An eSIM – or Electronic Subscriber Identity Module, to use its full title – is a type of SIM that’s programmable. 

It stays in your phone, and when you need to make a change you just head online to buy the service you’re after and then scan a QR code to make the necessary changes. 

In all other respects, it does exactly what a standard SIM does, letting you make calls, send and receive SMS messages, and go online. 

Just better.

And the advantages of eSIMs don’t stop at mere convenience. They’re also much more secure than their traditional counterparts, which are susceptible to all manner of hacks by simjackers, SIM swappers, and SIM cloners.

eSIMS are pretty much invulnerable to these types of attacks. They don’t allow personal information to be shared without the user’s permission, and using one requires you to enter an activation code. 

It’s already possible to use eSIM with a number of different operators, with more entering the market all the time. 

Right now you can pick from low-price services like Nomad, Simtex, FlexiRoam, and UpeSim, or you can plump for something like RedteaGO, Apple’s official eSIM partner. There’s already a decent amount of choice, and that will only improve.

One day, you might even be able to buy your global roaming data plan from Elon Musk’s Starlink. This space age network of laser-firing satellites has the potential to revolutionize the mobile network operator business by offering ultrafast global internet at bargain prices. 

It’s too early to say whether Starlink will join the eSIM party, but the party is very much underway. 

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Cheaper, Safer, and More Convenient – eSIMs Are the Next Big Thing on Mobile