Challenge Your Shuriken Skills in Reign of the Ninja, Now Available on iOS and Android


From Dragonslash comes a new and exciting skill-based game: Reign of the Ninja. If you ever wondered how hard a ninja’s training is, then you’ve come to the right place.

Not only do you train, but you also compete (to be the best, that is). The ninja world is a tough one; wake up, training, have breakfast, more training, go for lunch, even more training!… but all this to bring to fruition the best ninja there could possibly be!

All this is featured in Reign of the Ninja, a skill-based game where you will show off your potential in various missions, aiming to win the tournament organized by the Emperor. Here, you’ll have 10 missions where a jury will evaluate you and give you a score depending on how well you’re doing.

If you manage to win (you must master all techniques: shuriken, kunai, archery, katana and blow-darts) and have the best score at the end of the tournament, the Emperor will reward you will 100,000 pieces of gold!

Players will be able to choose between 7 heroes, each specializing in one particular field (that will significantly come in handy in the tournament) and fight using each hero’s special moves. However, each hero has their weaknesses too, so be careful when you choose!

The best part is, you can play with a friend! If you have a friend who’s into ninjas as well, you can choose to play versus each other and see who’s the best at wielding their weapon of choosing.

If you like ninjas and showing off your skills, definitely check out Reign of the Ninja! Available now on App Store and Google Play!

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Challenge Your Shuriken Skills in Reign of the Ninja, Now Available on iOS and Android


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