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Cats Are Cute Mating Guide | Tips and Cheats

This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

Cats are Cute has been one of my favorite games for quite some time now. In the game, there are adorable little kittens and if you combine them with a very casual, laid-back gameplay, you get the ideal mobile game to relax with! Don’t you agree?

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But among all of these features, the game also has a mating system – that allows you to unlock some mega-adorable kittens by allowing your adult cats to do what adult cats do. Are you curious to learn everything about mating in Cats Are Cute? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into it!

Cats Are Cute – What Is Mating?

Mating can be done once your cats reach level 30, and they have learned Skill number 2. Once these conditions are met, some cats (not all of them!) can mate with others and result in specific kittens. At the moment, there are 10 kittens that you can discover.

Cats Are Cute – How Mating Works

First Phase:

– Make sure that your cats are level 30 with skill 2 (that applies for both cats since they don’t mate randomly but with a mate, they’ve already chosen). If both cats meet this condition, you need to have 50 Toys to send the cat to “search” for a mate (a.k.a. to find that specific mate). This entire process takes four hours for your cat (so you have to wait for 4h after you send your cat to search for a mate).

Second Phase:

This is where your cats met, and you need to fill in their love meter gauge to 100%. You can do this by simple letting the cats talk – it will cost 20 Toys per try. It’s pretty much like a lottery, in the sense that you need to press the “Stop” button and wish the cats led on the same subject. It can fail, of course, but it’s going to take quite a bit of time.

Depending on where the meter fills, you can get anywhere between 40%-100%. When it reaches 100%, the cats will engage in a “heated conversation” for fifteen minutes, which will result in one of three things: friendship, marriage, or kittens!

Third Phase *for cats that want to have kittens*:

To succeed here, you will have to answer a question. Based on these answers, the cats can proceed to have kittens! You can find the answers to this question down below. If you succeed and the cats proceed to want kitties, then you need to prepare 100 Toys to send the cats on a “trip” (a.k.a. their “honeymoon” I’d say, where they decide to have kittens). During this phase, the 2 cats will disappear for 8 hours – and when they return, they’ll have the kitten.

Cats Are Cute Mating Pairs with Kittens

Tiny + Coco

Answer: Gloves

Daisy + Toby

Answer: Summer

Jamie + Carrot

Answer: Onion

Salt + Tofu

Answer: 5 customers

Mango + Charlie

Answer: Thailand

Willy + Poppy

Answer: Caramel

Patch + Walnut

Answer: 13:00

Sam + Sunday

Answer: 8:00

Milo+ Tabby

Answer: Sign

Stella + Nano

Answer: Movies

Other Cats Are Cute Mating Pairs

Fortune + Taz

Answer: Rose
Result: Married without kittens

Gizmo + Fluffy

Answer: A bulb
Result: Married without kittens

Fatty + Boots

Answer: 3 times
Result: Married without kittens

Muffin + Rusty

Answer: Curry
Result: Married without kittens

Milky + Catsby

Answer: Milk
Result: Married without kittens

Dunkin + Dumpling

Answer: Classical Music
Result: Married without kittens

Peanut + Pepper

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Sunny + Happy

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Choco + Sasha

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Sugar + Latte

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Jasper + Felix

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Barley + Cheese

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Inari + Sniffy

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Banhmi + Fries

Answer: –
Result: Friends/Couple

Cats Are Cute – FAQ About Mating

Q: Can you mate cats other than with their pre-set couple? (for example Choco and Milky)
A: At the moment this is not possible – you can only mate cats as shown in the list above. Maybe in the future, the developer will allow for any cats to mate, but until then, we’ll have to make do with this.

Q: I can’t mate my cats – it says “cats are too young to mate”. Do I have to wait until they get older?
A: No, this is a prompt given for cats that can’t mate together. (i.e. Choco + Milky) There are some cats that simply prefer a single life, or that can’t mate with the cat you set them up to – so, don’t bother with these.

Q: Do kitties grow?
A: No, these kitties will stay tiny and adorable forever! Or at least until they implement a growth function for them.

This would conclude our Cats Are Cute mating guide! Which is your favorite kitten? I really love little Stella&Nano’s baby! Also, feel free to ask me any questions that you might have regarding mating.

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