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Castle Bane Guide: Tips to Get Stronger and Pass More Stages

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In today’s article we are going to explore all of the Castle Bane tips and cheats and help you get stronger, so that you can pass more stages and advance in the game as you go.

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This game has quite a lot of interesting features, and plenty of characters to collect and add to your team. But not only that, it is also packed with action and interesting battles, so if you were looking for a pretty classical RPG, with some more modern features, then Castle Bane will most definitely fit in that description.

So since you are here to learn all that we know about the game, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Castle Bane tips and tricks to help you get stronger and pass more stages!

Tap on your units to earn Loyalty

Whenever you tap on your characters’ portrait in the city, you will earn some more Loyalty points. These points will help you unlock more episodes and features in the game, so they are by all means useful!

I suggest that whenever you can and have this option available, you tap on your characters to earn that extra Loyalty for each and every one of them! At the beginning you will not have a lot of characters, because only the units that you have acquired will appear there. So the more you summon and collect, the more Loyalty you will earn.

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Build more buildings

By collecting more units / characters and progressing further into the story mode of the game, you will also be able to unlock more buildings. Those will usually appear with a purple circle around them when you can build them, so make sure that you tap on that whenever it is available.

Now another thing that you must do is to check what each building is used for. Since there are a lot of types of buildings, you can tap on each of the ones that you constructed to check what use it has: tap on the building and select the Details menu. That will give you some extra details about its use.

Collect your resources

Depending on what buildings you have constructed so far, you will be able to collect various resources from them over time. That feature is pretty similar to those base builder games where you have set resource farms and barracks, and many more. Well, it’s not entirely wrong, just a little different!

You can wait for the resources in the buildings to fill up and then collect them, or if you are running a couple of Gold short, then you can tap on the building and select the Collect button to collect the resources that gathered so far!

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Learn more about your characters and their roles

You should always learn more about the types of characters there are in the game, as well as the role they fulfill, and do your best to pick the ones which you consider the strongest for your team.

Some of the strongest heroes are the higher grade ones (S and SS), but they are quite difficult to obtain, so in the meantime, until you can get those, read the characters’ stats and pick some that you like, with the highest.

Since there are also classes, let me tell you a little bit about those:

– Tanks: these characters are made to be the front line in battle, and they have shields, damage reductions and pretty much abilities that make them able to mitigate most of the damage to the team (towards themselves).

– Physical Attackers: they do physical damage to the enemies, and usually have high damage abilities. They are one of the main damage dealers of the team.

– Mages: the Mages inflict magic damage to the enemies with their spells and can inflict various crowd control effects, debuffs and such. They are great supports, as well as damage dealers.

– Healers: they will mainly keep the tank and the entire team alive, and use their spells for healing (as the name suggests).

Always try to make a balanced team, which contains a tank and a damage dealer at least, because those are the core roles. The healer is optional, because if you have enough damage to take down enemies in just a couple of attacks, then it’s better to go full DPS.

Upgrade your units

There are many things that you can do in order to upgrade your characters, and you should definitely do this once you have some of the heroes that you want to use in the end game. This is how you can upgrade your units:

Level up the characters: Leveling up the heroes will not only boost their basic stats, but also make them way stronger overall, because they will also be able to learn new skills.

Grade up the characters: This will increase their grade, and it can be done by collecting that hero’s fragments, from the unit’s quests or by summoning them in the Summon menu.

Skill up the characters: You can teach more skills to your heroes if you use the ability unlock scrolls. You can farm these in the story mode and invasion mode, so make sure that you always teach your characters a new skill whenever you can!

If you constantly upgrade your units you will definitely have an easier time passing the stages. I would recommend that you upgrade your best units first, as they are your main source of damage.

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Farm the levels for more loot

In this game, all of the stages that you passed with 3 stars can be played again on blitz more pretty much, so that you can just get the rewards! I suggest that if you are looking to upgrade a certain unit, then you farm the stages which drop you fragments for it.

All you have to do in order to do this, is pass a stage with 3 stars first, then you can tap on that stage again and select the “Repeat” button to re-play the stage quickly on blitz mode. You don’t really have to do anything other than have some AP and select how many times you want to blitz that stage.

Summon more units

In the game you can summon more units for free, as that is one of the most convenient ways for f2p players (the game seems quite p2w in my opinion, from how much I played it). All you have to do is head on to the main interface of the game and then open the Summon menu.

There you can see the Crystal Summon option which will give you a random unit. This summon can be performed once a day, so make sure that you do it every single day because you never know when luck will give you a strong SS character.

Beginner Summon: This summon costs 300 Crystals per summon, or 3000 Crystals for 10 summons. It is only available for a limited time once you started playing, so I suggest that if you have the Crystals, you do it because you get guaranteed on the 30th summon Athena or Zigfried!

Event Summons: Depending on the event that is currently running at the time, these summons cost 3000 Crystals and they give you 1 guaranteed SS unit. They are by far the best, so keep an eye out for them.

Crystal Summon: This is the free summon you can perform every single day. You can also pay 300 Crystals to summon once, or 3000 Crystals to summon 10 times.

Ticket Summon: Requires a ticket to summon once, and you can get any heroes from A to S and SS grade.

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Paid Crystal Summon: This costs 1500 Crystals for 10 summons, but there are no guarantees for SS, however the chance to get them is higher than usual for some units.

Gold Summon: You can do 5 Gold Summons for free every single day and while they do not give any units, they will give you equipment so it’s super useful!

Equipment Summon: This summon is specifically for equipment, and it costs 200 Crystals per 1 summon or 2000 Crystals for 10 summons.

I suggest that you do your free summons every single day and when you have the chance, do your event summons because they are worth every last Crystal! I know that it will take a while to collect all the Crystals for 10 pulls, but it’s better to wait if you have some strong beginner heroes, and do 10 summons at once.

Check the shop for daily items

Every single day the items in the Shop will refresh a few times, and I really suggest that you check them out because there might be some useful items that you will need. They mainly cost Gold, so make sure that you check it out before it resets.

The Shop will reset several times a day, so you can check that timer in the upper side of the Shop window. You can go that extra mile and if you have time you can check it out every reset!

Log in for even more goods every day

Every single day that you simply open the game you will be able to claim some free loot. Those are super useful, so even if you don’t plan on playing for that particular day, just make sure that you log in and claim them as they will help in the long run.

If you have found yourself stuck and unable to progress more, then just log in daily to claim these and whenever you have gathered enough of the Crystals or other items, you can use them to enhance your team and progress!

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These would be all of our Castle Bane tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that will make you progress more in the game? Feel free to share them down in the comments section below!

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Castle Bane Guide: Tips to Get Stronger and Pass More Stages

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