High-octane sport racing comes to the mobile platform in Cars: Lightning League! Blindsided by an onset of super fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen falls to the bottom of the ranks. It’s up to you to help him train to get back in the game, and we’re going to do just that with our Cars: Lightning League cheats and tips!

In this endless racer themed after Disney Pixar’s fuel-guzzling film series, you’ll be drifting, jumping, and smashing in this exciting racing game. We’ve got some great tips and tricks here in our Cars: Lightning League cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete all three milestones!

The objective for each level can be completed up to three times. That is to say, you have to continue working towards the objective and the meter at the top will fill up. There are three milestone markers that when reached will reward you with a star. Get all three stars on a level and you’ll be able to open a reward box in addition to some coins.

Never leave a level unfinished – it’s important to get all possible reward boxes. These reward boxes contain precious gems, the premium currency of the game. They also have character medals in them which unlock new playable cars for you, boosters that can give you the edge to win a race, and more. They’re too valuable to pass up!

Master the starting rev!

If you’re having trouble keeping your speed in the green zone during the initial starting boost, try tapping repeatedly. Tap and hold until the needle reaches the middle of the green zone, then let it go. As the needles begins to drop down, tap rapidly to keep the needle in the green zone using rapid bursts of speed. Be sure to tap quickly and lightly – if you tap and hold for just even a split second you might spill over into the red zone.

Replay the levels with hard objectives for coins!

If you come up against a particularly hard drag race – much like the race against DJ – try going back to earlier levels to gather up some coins. Try to pick a level with an objective that you have to go out of your way to complete, like the Near Miss ones. The idea is to stay in a level for as long as you want doing nothing but collecting coins. Be sure to break all the boxes as those contain golden coins that are worth much more than the regular silver coins.

Stick with Lightning!

Lightning McQueen will be your go-to car for a while. When you unlock Mater, we recommend saving your coins for Lightning upgrades. Don’t make the mistake and spread your upgrades equally across the two. Completing all levels up to 12 while getting all the rewards will give you just enough coins to upgrade Lightning all the way, so make sure you spend those coins on him at least for the early game!

Those are, for now, our tips on Cars: Lightning League. If you’ve got any other racing tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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