Turn-based strategy and card collecting combine together to make for one unique game! Cards and Castles is exactly that: build your deck by collecting various cards and play them out in a grid-based strategy game. We’re here to help you build the ultimate deck to crush your enemies with our Cards and Castles cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Cards and Castles is an expansive card collecting game, so there’s a lot to tackle here. Let’s get started with our Cards and Castles strategy guide to building the ultimate deck!

1. Complete scenarios to unlock new card types!

For the first couple of scenario missions, you will be provided with a pre-built deck. After you complete the intro quests, you will unlock the Pirate category cards. If you notice, you’ll see that each category of chapters is named after the card type you’ll unlock for beating all of that category. For example, the next set of chapters is called “Warlocks Unlock”. Needless to say, in order to build your deck to the fullest, you’re going to need to keep playing through the scenarios! Keep in mind though that you’ll only be able to use two factions for one deck.

2. Complete the quests!

Aside from completing matches, you can also buy new cards using CP you earn. CP is also gained from completing matches, but you can also get them from doing your quests. You can find your quest log at the top right corner of the main menu. They usually have some sort of objective you have to fill, like play certain amount of games. Be sure to also check the daily deals, where you can buy specific cards for CP.

3. Master the different card factions!

Each faction has a different specialization you can take advantage of.

  • Vikings: True to their origins, the viking cards focus on brute strength. In here you can find unit cards with beefy attack power, attack power buff cards, and unit buff cards dealing with wind knockback and area attacks.
  • Crusaders: The crusaders are holy warriors that fight with the light on their side. Their cards consist of defense-oriented types, and there are plenty of healing/regeneration spell cards too.
  • Pirates: Arrr! Pirates fight like how you imagine them too: dirty and full of tricks. Pirate cards focus on debuffs – which weaken your opponent’s units – to gain the upper hand in battle. As an added bonus, they also have some gold-related cards that help you with gold income, because you know pirates love their plunder!
  • Warlocks: Mages who have mastered the destructive arts, warlocks consist of deadly area attack cards. Fire Whirl, Pillar of Flame, and Wall of Fire are all good area attack spells that do good damage. The Pyromancer unit card’s basic attack does damage in a small area, damaging all nearby enemies.
  • Ninjas: Ninjas are stealthy assassins who utilize the battlefield to their advantage. Cards like Shadow Katana, Stance of the Swift Mantis, and Lunge increase movement. They also have access to sneaky surprises that are unique to them, such as the Vanish card, which can return unit cards you have played back into your hand.
  • Neutral: With no faction to specialize in, these cards are your common, everyday units. These cards usually have no special bonuses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own! These cards are usually used for filler when you have no more of your faction cards to fill your deck with.

Remember: you can only use up to two faction cards for a single deck, not counting neutral cards. Experiment and try to find the faction that suits your playstyle!

4. Capture towers!

On certain levels, there will be towers. Depending on the level, most of the time they will be grayed out, under no one’s control. Whichever side attacks and defeats the tower will make it realign itself with that team. When an enemy walks within distance of the towers, they will be attacked! These are great for extra defense, just make sure not to let the enemy gain control of them. Even if they do, they can be taken back by defeating them once more. Do note, however, that if a tower is defeated by an attack spell and not a unit, the tower will be destroyed. This can either be a good or bad thing, so do whatever you see fit.

5. Stick to the scenarios before you jump online!

As exciting as it sounds, it’s best to complete some of the scenarios before you tackle playing against another player. Your starter deck has only the basics in it, and to develop further, you need to progress through the scenarios. Be patient!

So there you have it! Just remember: do your quests, get new cards, and try out different factions to see which cards go well with what! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


  1. There is no point of fractions and obtaining the best cards because they nerf and buff so much that you never know what you have unless you read every word of thier update list, and they update every two weeks, im done with this game it is not worth your time


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