The dark dungeons await in the world of Endless Cards, a simple to pick up card game RPG where you play as one of the five daring adventurers who delve into the underworld to fight monsters and collect treasure.

Players will enter a grid-based dungeon in a 4×4 layout. To make their way through the dungeon, their character will start at the bottom and they can move one card at a time. Most of the cards will be monsters, but other cards will have weapons, items, gold coins, and more.

To survive through the dungeon, players must balance fighting monsters and going for items and loot. Only the best path will get you through the rooms unharmed, so take your time and study your route to become the ultimate dungeon delver!

When your exploring is over, all the coins you collected are tallied up. You can spend the coins on new cards, plus new characters that each have their own unique abilities. No two dungeons runs will ever be the same!

Endless Cards is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 0.99 USD.


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