Companion Apps seem to be all the rage now, with many high profile console and PC video games receiving their own. Another one has surfaced today on the App Store, an app that will make fans of NBA 2K15

My NBA 2K15 is a card battler game that allows players to select over 1000 players, create their own teams and win basketball matches. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing the match actually getting played so the app is pretty barebones, as far as presentation goes.

This doesn’t mean that the gameplay experience is barebones as well, since it’s possible to customize cards with the available slots and use the Season Coach Cards to improve them. Also, it’s possible to purchase items from the console store that will allow gamers to transfer content from the app into the fullconsole game.

My NBA 2K15 seems to be aimed towards those who love card battler games and those who are also playing NBA 2K15. The gameplay experience seems to be quite basic but that’s to be expected, considering this is a companion app available for free. Let’s just hope that an iOS version of NBA 2K15 with actual action surfaces soon so that basketball fans may get their basketball fix on the go.

My NBA 2K15 is now available for download on the App Store.



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