Carcassonne, The Medieval City Building Board Game, Now Available on iOS, Android


Carcassonne, a board game from the early 2000’s, is now available in digital format on mobile! Carcassonne puts players in the shoes of newly appointed rulers of the land who seek to conquer the most territory in battles of up to four players.

Carcassonne was previously released on the mobile platform several years ago, but that version was 2D only and lacked some content expansions. This new and improved version of Carcassonne is not only sporting a whole new 3D look, but loads of additional content from the mini expansions.

In Carcassonne, the objective of the game is to claim as much land as possible. Players will take turns drawing tiles from the pile, and these can range from cities, roads, abbeys, and more. The highest value territories are the most valuable, but they are also the most vulnerable!

To help players secure and maintain land, they will also have special townspeople tokens called “meeples”. Every meeple has special effects that activate when they are stationed at certain tiles, so making use of them is the key to victory.

Carcassonne features many modes for you to enjoy. You can play solo against up to three other AI players, or you can play with nearby friends using the Pass and Play mode. You can also play online against people and friends around the world using the asynchronous multiplayer, so each player takes their turn without having to wait on others!

Carcassonne is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 4.99 USD.

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Carcassonne, The Medieval City Building Board Game, Now Available on iOS, Android


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