These Capital Fun! tips and cheats we are going to share with you in today’s article will help you make all the right choices when it comes to investing in the right business at the right time, but also how to make the most profit out of them.

So if you are ready to start making money, then let’s dive right into our Capital Fun! tips and tricks.

Start from the bottom

What I mean by this, is start from a simple fast food business. You will move to a more prosperous business in time, so don’t worry about it! You are going to start with a delicious Hot Dog business, then move on to a Start Up and end with a TV Company. 

This is great, because the Hot Dog business has very fast production timers, and that will let you upgrade them really easy. 

Always hire people for automatic progress

This is one of my favorite features. After you hire a manager for each department, you will be able to safely play the game offline and enjoy the perks of an idle game. I suggest that you always be patient and save that money necessary for hiring a manager. 

Even if you can make more upgrades, it’s best to just wait a little and get the managers, because that is a great investment. 

Upgrade the fields 

For each of the businesses you will have 3 fields. Since each one of them takes progressively more time to complete, I suggest that you take your time to reach all the milestones. 

After you have unlocked all the managers and fields, I suggest that you upgrade them, starting with the Hot Dog. After you upgrade the first 50 levels, you will get a bonus, and the level cap will increase to 100 and so on, up to level 3000.

Always make these upgrades starting from the cheapest ones, even if you are tempted to make the more expensive ones first. The thing with this is, the “cheaper ones” will give you the money in seconds, while the other ones can take minutes for a couple of thousand. So in my opinion, you should take them from the bottom up.

Upgrade the income bonus

This is great for the overall gold that you get. It is the field at the very top, and it will increase the amount of money you get from each of your businesses’ fields. I suggest doing this field whenever you are prepared to go offline or just close the game, so you will have more money for the next time that you log.

Get Investors to maximize your profit

The Investors will increase the amount of money you get and let you buy upgrades. You can do this only after you sell your business, so I strongly suggest that you try to max out all the fields of your business (or get close to that) before you decide to sell out and start over.

Even if gold earning will be easier, you will have to do all the upgrades all over again, so think carefully before deciding on that!

Watch an ad for profit boosts

You can choose to watch an advertisement for an awesome boost of 100% more money, which will last for a long time! I suggest that you always have this on, since it doesn’t require you to go out of your way to watch an ad. 

The boost will last 4 hours (yes, four!) and you can watch a second ad to extend it. So whenever you want to go sleep over the night or simply want to close the game, make sure you have this on and by the time that you’re back in game, you will be ready to make more upgrades!

Field upgrades give you speed

Whenever you upgrade a skill it’s going to get a little speed boost or income bonus. It’s ideal to upgrade them all, so if you have a business at 49/50, go ahead and add that extra 1 point to benefit from the boost. Always pay attention to this when you choose to do the upgrades, and try to do them in such a manner than you can get more bonuses.

Watch an ad to double your income

Being the typical idle game that it is, you don’t really have to be playing it to actually make money. The businesses will go about doing their thing if you listened to our Capital Fun! tips before about hiring managers, so you can safely go offline and let it progress.

When you will log back in game, you will get an option to watch an advertisement to double the amount of money you made offline, so for those 30 seconds spent on average watching an ad, it’s really worth it since you’ll get double the offline rewards.

Buy upgrades

In the upgrades section you will be able to purchase several upgrades which will let you collect money faster, and double or even triple the income you get! Don’t shy away from purchasing those upgrades, as they will add up to your business.

Choose the amount of upgrades you want at once

I’ve played many idle games where you could only upgrade skills by one at a time. Well, to my surprise, this game lets you choose how you want to do it! For example, if you want to buy just one upgrade per tap, you can choose x1! 

If you want to buy all of them at once, you can choose the “x Max” option, which will always select the maximum number of upgrades you can do per field. I suggest using that, as it is the most effective one.

Be among the richest

Once you reach 10 T total money earned throughout the game, you will be able to join the elite players! That means that you will join a ranking which will put you among the richest of the rich! It’s going to take a while, but with patience, you can definitely do it! There are different cities, so you will be able to try out different stuff, but the end game result is the same: become rich and successful!

These would be our Capital Fun! tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you know some other cool and useful game tips and suggestions, leave them down in the comments below for everyone to learn!


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