Candy Crush Saga has a sweet competitor in the form of Team Lava’s Candy Blast Mania match three game. With some new additions like better value to the candies and some really sweet graphics, Candy Blast Mania is the fresh breath of air that was needed in the genre. And since it’s so addicting, I have decided to come and share with you a set of Candy Blast Mania cheats: tips and tricks to make you a better player, help you score huge high scores and keep winning.

So let’s check out below the Candy Blast Mania tips and tricks for some sweet moves!

1. Start at the bottom
Generally, you shouldn’t even care about what’s at the top of the board: start making matches at the bottom of the board because this increases the chances of combos with new candies falling in.

2. Go for the bonus rows
Whenever and wherever you can create matches of 4 or more candies (including L shaped candies), go for it! These will create bonus squares that give you all sorts of helpful hands. A good strategy is to stock up on them for a while and then unleash them all with a set of nice matches.

3. Plan your moves ahead
Going hand in had with the tip above, it’s a good idea to plan your moves a little: even though the random factor is huge in the game, it doesn’t hurt to plan your moves a little bit and have a strategy on how to tackle the challenges.

4. Complete the challenges for keys
You can get great rewards from treasure chests and in order to unlock them, you have to complete challenges. Early on they will be pretty easy, but as you progress through the levels, they will get more and more difficult. Don’t be afraid to repeat the levels with one focus in mind: to complete the reward, because it remains completed even if you fail to win the level.

5. Earn free gems
Always take advantage of the ways Candy Blast Mania allows you to earn free gems. You can get them, for example, from linking the game to your Facebook account, so make sure you do that. Free gems never hurt.

6. Use the Candy Ward smartly
Using it to get a regular candy is a waste of Candy Ward, in my opinion. Instead, try to use it when you really need it and fore more difficult tasks, like cracking open Jawbreakers.

7. How to easily beat bosses
Here, you should focus on making matches from the required candies, as these are the only ones that matter. Try to create combos because otherwise it will be very difficult to beat the Gummy Bear if he manages to flood your board with jawbreakers.

And these would be our tips and tricks for Candy Blast Mania. Do you have other strategies? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. How do you get rid of the ghosts. I am on level 71, as soon as the color comes out the ghosts eats it . Please let me know how to get rid of them. Thanks


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