Can Yungoos be Shiny in Pokemon GO

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Yungoos was a Pokemon that was released during Generation VII in the Alola region, and have now been added into Pokemon GO at the beginning of the Season of Alola. Yungoos is one of the very first Generation VII Pokemon added into the game, during the Welcome to Alola event that is currently running in Pokemon GO.

Players have already encountered and caught their fair share of Yungoos, and fans are now wondering if Shiny Yungoos can be found in Pokemon GO. If you want to know the answers as well, then continue reading this guide!

Can Yungoos be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yungoos was released on Tuesday, the 1st of March, at the beginning of Welcome to Alola, which is the very first event of the Season of Alola.

Yungoos was added into the game with its shiny variant, which means that it is fully possible for you to encounter and catch a shiny Yungoos in the wild as well.

Yungoos, being one of the new Pokemon that have been added in the Welcome to Alola event, has an increased spawn rate. While this doesn’t directly mention that it has an increased shiny rate, you can practically say that it does.

This is because the more Yungoos you encounter in the wild due to its spawn rate being increased, the higher your chances of encountering a shiny Yungoos!

Yungoos can be found through various methods:

  • In the wild
  • Non-event field research task (catching 5 Normal-type Pokemon)
  • Welcome to Alola field research task (walking 1 km)
  • A Melemele Adventure special research quest (reward from Step 1 challenge and two Step 3 challenges)
  • From 2km eggs

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Can Yungoos be Shiny in Pokemon GO


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