Can You Get Banned for Using the XP Glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3?

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Fortnite Chapter 3 is not without its issues, some of these being bugs and glitches. A few players have recently noticed a glitch that allowed them to gain a massive amount of XP by doing basically nothing. But can exploiting these glitches earn you a permanent Fortnite ban?

XP Bugs and Glitches in Fortnite

Usually, people earn XP by playing the game, doing missions, and leveling up to earn Battle Stars. There are a select few, however, who have discovered some pretty amazing glitches. There haven’t been any specific guidelines from Epic where exploiting glitches like these are concerned, but it is always best to be wary.

Bans have been applied in past seasons when people used bugs to win the game, so this may not be any different. Taking advantage of glitches could lead to temporary or permanent bans, so always attempt them at your own risk.

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In Creative Mode, there have been a couple of maps where XP has been gained far too easily. In map 3794-8637-4359, players could enter a building and push a button for endless XP instead of battling other players as the game intended. Another glitch in Creative showed that players could enter one portal and grab Llama Coins and a Shadow Flopper and use them to gain amazing amounts of XP in another game. These are all risky endeavors, however, as Epic is catching on to the exploits and could be punishing people for any cheeky cheating.

Check out this amazing glitch below!

Remember: engage in any XP glitches at your own risk!

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Can You Get Banned for Using the XP Glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3?


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