Can You Get Around Overwatch 2 Phone Number Requirements? – Answered


There are lots of interesting hero shooter games that you can play and one of the most popular and recognizable among them is Overwatch 2. Such a huge project with a big community has to protect its users from cheaters, hackers, etc. So, the developers have implemented an SMS protection system that seems to be annoying for many players. This guide will tell you if you can get around Overwatch 2 phone number requirements.

Why Does Overwatch 2 Require Your Phone Number?

Overwatch 2 is an extremely popular game and there are lots of users who currently play it. So, it will likely have a lot of cheaters as well. In order to protect its community, Blizzard worked out quite a controversial system. The game requires you to attach your phone number to the account. After that, you should get access to the game and be able to play it.

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It seems that lots of players didn’t like this new system and they wanted to remove it or get around it. Today we are going to tell you about the latest changes that will help you to get around these phone number requirements.

How to Get Around Overwatch 2 Phone Number Requirements

After receiving negative backlash, Blizzard decided to remove phone number requirements for those who have their accounts connected to Overwatch 2. However, those who don’t have this connection or want to create a new account will have to enter their phone numbers.

Overwatch 2 is an extremely popular project and we will be glad if our articles help you to learn new information about it. Hopefully, they will give you the answers that you search for and solve your problems. Good luck with your further battles in Overwatch 2!

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Can You Get Around Overwatch 2 Phone Number Requirements? – Answered


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