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Can You Change Your Height in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Can You Change Your Height in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered
Image via Avalanche Software
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Physical parameters of your character are an essential aspect of Hogwarts Legacy. Even though your height, weight, muscles, and other physical stats might not be important for part of the players, they make a difference in other players’ immersion in the game. If you’re feeling a little too tall or too short, you might be wondering if you can change your height in Hogwarts Legacy. Here is all there is to know.

Image via Avalanche Software

Changing height in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re wondering how to change your height, you might be disappointed to learn that it is impossible to change your height in Hogwarts Legacy. Height, weight, and other physical parameters of your body are constant parameters that cannot be changed. 

With those limitations in mind, make sure you choose wisely when first creating your character, because there are a few things you cannot change later. But the height cannot be customized at all, and it should not affect your gameplay either.

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What you can customize in Hogwarts Legacy

Even though Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t support changing height and muscular shape, the game has plenty of other customization options. You can make your character look unique with the hundreds of settings the game provides. 

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can opt for Hairstyle and Hair Color, Freckles and Moles, Scars, Markings, and other options, especially for your character’s facial features. And one of the most exciting customization options in Hogwarts Legacy is the voice. You can choose between two distinct voice tones.

That’s it with changing your height in Hogwarts Legacy. You cannot change your mage’s height, weight, muscles, or other physical parameters, but you can use plenty of other options to make your character stand out or look similar to yourself. Be sure to spend enough time changing your character’s appearance and get the desired result.

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Can You Change Your Height in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered


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