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Can You Change Your Character’s Name in Honkai Star Rail?

Can You Change Your Character’s Name in Honkai Star Rail?
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Similar to Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail has players choose a protagonist at the end of the prologue, whom you can name. For those who get attached to their characters, you might take a while to think of a good name, which Silver Wolf mockingly points out. What if you change your mind later? Can you change your character’s name in Honkai Star Rail?

How to change your character’s name in Honkai Star Rail

Great news for the indecisive—you can indeed change the main character’s name in Honkai Star Rail! To change your character’s name, simply open the main menu and tap on the three dots button, then tap on Trailblazer Profile.

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In the Trailblazer Profile section, you can tap on the little pencil next to your name to change your character’s name. There are no restrictions to the main character’s name, and you can even have the same name as another player. For account differentiating purposes, Hoyoverse uses your UID.

Be warned that changing your name has a three-day cooldown! Once you change your name, you must wait 72 hours before you can change it again. Be sure to think long and hard about your new name.

You should also know that you cannot change your name right after you finish the prologue. Selecting your gender and name at the beginning of the game seems to count as a rename, so you cannot immediately change it afterward. Ignore Silver Wolf’s comments and take as much time as you need naming your character.

Do not forget that you can also write a bio to introduce yourself to other players, and even set a support character in your Trailblazer Profile. If other Trailblazers befriend you and use your support character, you earn helpful rewards.

You can also display your favorite characters under the Starfaring Companions display. Every Trailblazer will have their own favorite set of characters, so why not show off yours?

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Can You Change Your Character’s Name in Honkai Star Rail?


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