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Can You Air-roll in Rocket League Sideswipe?

Can You Air-roll in Rocket League Sideswipe?
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After launching in late November, Rocket League Sideswipe is slowly becoming one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS as it has garnered nothing but praise in less than a month of its global launch.

The game allows you play soccer using cars and pull off interesting and fantastic skills and abilities against challenging opponents. And whilst the original PC game offers a more complex gameplay, the mobile version also comes with its own share of amusing surprises that the mobile audience are starting to discover.


And in this brief but detailed guide article we’ll be showing you showing you how to pull off the Air-roll trick in Rocket League Sideswipe as it one of the best tricks in the game.

So, What exactly is Air-rolling anyway?


In Sideswipe, think of the cars as the soccer player meaning just like in actual soccer games, you can control the car’s height, speed, and even the direction from any angle at all. Air-rolling on the other hand, is a trick that allows you control the horizontal axis if the car twists whilst airborne.

The Air-roll trick also allows rocketeers to have even more control of the vehicle while soaring across the pitch and it makes the boost management easier to use handle when coming off from one end of the pitch to another when aiming for a defensive stance, ceiling pinch or dribbling attempt.

How to Air-roll in Rocket League Sideswipe

Now that you’ve understood what the trick is all about, here’s how to actually pull it off in a match.

First off, your hands should be firm on the directional stick buttons. Now, you need to double-tap the directional stick button. Be it grounded or airborne, this double-tap will see your car make an immediate twist and turn on its horizontal axis.

And if you’ve already made use of your Flip Reset, the Air-roll earns you a flip reset that can be used to make contact with the ball using just two front wheels of your battle car.


If pulled off correctly, Air-roll can cause you to lose control of your car and you’ll find yourself in no man’s land, airborne and out of boost, making you vulnerable to opponents.

So we suggest that you first spend some time at the Free Play section and practice this trick as many times as you can before trying to pull it off in ranked matches.

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Can You Air-roll in Rocket League Sideswipe?


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