Can Snorunt be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered

Can Snorunt be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered

Pokemon Go is a popular AR game set in the Pokemon universe. One of the main activities in the game is the capture of various Pokémon. Besides the different species, each Pokémon has its special Shiny version. But could Snorunt be Shiny? In this guide, we will answer this question.

How to find Shiny Snorunt?

Fortunately, in Pokemon Go, you can find Shiny Snorunt. Moreover, for almost a year, players have been able to catch him. While hunting in the wild on the Snorunt, you have a small chance of encountering the Shiny Snorunt. But there is a second way, which is much more effective than a regular hunt.

You must wait for the special Spotlight Hour for the Shiny Snorunt. At this hour, the chance to encounter this Shiny Pokemon will increase and you will be able to catch several. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you actively collect candy at this hour. Because the second feature of this small event is that you can exchange your Pokemon for a doubler of all collected candies.

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By the way, you’d better catch several Shiny Snorunt and that they were of different genders. Since then you will have the opportunity to get two more Shiny Pokémon.

Snorunt can evolve in two Pokémon: Glalie and Froslass. So your male Shiny Snorunt will be able to evolve into a Shiny Froslass. A female Shiny Snorunt transforms into a Shiny Glalie or a Shiny Froslass. So if you catch a couple of Pokémon that look identical at first glance, you can add three more different Shiny Pokémon to your collection.

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Can Snorunt be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered


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