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Can Plusle be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can Plusle be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Ever since it made its way to the franchise, Plusle and its counterpart Minun have been under the rather and in 2018, both of their region locks was removed. This made them catchable anywhere but they’re still hard to come around.

Many players and collectors have wondered if Plusle has a shiny form. So in this article we’ll be looking into that and helping you answer your question.

The answer is yes. As of July 2018, both Plusle and Minun received their shiny forms. For Plusle, its shiny form exhibits a much darker red coloraation for the red areas of its body.

In terms of finding a shiny Plusle, this can prove quite challenging for any trainer because the shiny Plusle doesn’t have a particularly high encounter rate. Players will have to venture into the wild in order to catch a shiny Plusle.

Can Plusle be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

So in this case, standard lure and incense modules are a trainer’s most favourite equipment in finding and catching a shiny Plusle. Incense increases Pokemon appearances around the trainer, and lure modules draw Pokemon to a set Pokestop.

You can also use an ordinary lure module to try and find a shiny Plusle. Magnetic lure modules are better to use on the long run due to their ability to attract Electric and Steel-type Pokémon.

Pokémon Go trainers that are currently enjoying the game in January this year would have gotten their Plusle spotlight already. This will allow the shiny Plusle and to become increasingly available in the wild with a high encounter rate as well.

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Can Plusle be Shiny in Pokemon Go?


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