Can Kyurem be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered

Can Kyurem be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular and interesting products in the famous Pokemon franchise. There you will be able to become a real Pokemon Trainer that travels across the world and catches different Pokemon to train them properly and fight in the Battle League. The game is designed around AR technology which allows you to feel like a real Pokemon Trainer. There are many different Pokemon you may want to get into your collection. Also, lots of players are hunting for shining versions of Pokemon, and today we are going to help them. This guide will tell you if there is a shiny version of Kyurem in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Kyurem in Pokemon Go

Shiny Kyurem in Pokemon Go is a special version of a standard Kyurem. It looks different and it is quite difficult to encounter due to the fact that Pokemon have low chances to become shiny. So, shiny versions of different Pokemon are desired thing by lots of players and there is a huge amount of people who would like to get a shiny Kyurem.

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Kyurem is a very strong Pokemon that belong to Dragon and Ice types. So, it has a couple of strengths and weaknesses, and its stats are almost perfectly balanced. Its shiny version was unavailable till the recent patch, and now the developers added shiny Kyurem in the game in the Holidays 2021 event update. So, right now you are able to encounter it and get it into your collection.

In order to catch Shiny Kyurem, you will need to bring a couple of Pokeballs and be patient. Your chances to encounter a shiny version of a certain Pokemon are very low. So, try to meet as much Kyurem as possible and maybe one of them will be shiny.

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Can Kyurem be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered


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