Can Druddigon be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

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Druddigon has finally made its grand entrance into Pokemon GO through the Dragonspiral Descent Event that began on December 7, 2021. It’s red, it’s blue, and it’s very angry, and players worldwide cannot wait to get their hands on one of their own.

What is the Dragonspiral Descent Event?

The Dragonspiral Descent event is the preliminary event of the Season of Heritage, bringing with it Druddigon, introduced for the very first time in Pokemon GO. Just like other events in the past, Druddigon will be available to capture through a variety of methods, including field research tasks, collection challenges, as well as 3-star raids!

The rewards for the collection challenge will give you a Druddigon then and there, along with other goodies like 300 Stardust and 1000 XP.

Can You Get a Shiny Druddigon in Pokemon GO?

With events like these in Pokemon GO, which are made to introduce a new species of Pokemon into the world of Pokemon GO, you would not be able to encounter its shiny version along with it.

There would usually be a future event, probably a year ahead of the Pokemon’s launch, where the game would finally make its shiny available in the wild with increased shiny rates.

This is not the case for Druddigon, however, as it is possible for you to catch a shiny Druddigon during the Dragonspiral event. Granted, you have to be a little lucky, as encountering a shiny in such a limited span of time is never an easy task.

You need to constantly encounter Druddigon through the field research, collection challenge, or the 3-star raids to stand a chance of encountering a shiny Druddigon. And once you do get one, you will have all the bragging rights in the world!

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Can Druddigon be Shiny in Pokemon Go?


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