Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Pokemon hunting is almost a sport. In every game of the Pokemon series, players try to catch all possible species. Of course, Pokemon Go is no exception to the rule. Especially adds excitement to the fact that there are many Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In this guide, we are going to tell you about Shiny Cubchoo.

Shiny Cubchoo in Pokemon Go

It usually takes a long time to find the Shiny Cubchoo in the wild. But fortunately, the developers decided to give the players a Spotlight Hour by the end of the year. This is a special event when the spawn rate of a certain Pokémon increases.

The Spotlight Hour will begin on December 28 at 6 pm local time and will run for exactly one hour. It may seem to you that an hour is not enough, but if you try, you can even catch a few Shiny Cubchoos. Moreover, during the event, you will receive twice as many candies. So, in addition to Shiny Cubchoo, you can get a powerful Shiny Beartic.

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It is worth noting that the action of the event applies only to the regular Cubchoo. The chance of encountering Shiny Cubchoo will remain the same.

You can also increase your chances even more. You need to save up Lure Modules and Incense before the event and use them all. We also recommend using Glacial Lure to maximize your chances of encountering Cubchoo.

All you have to do is catch as many Cubchoo as possible. We hope this guide will help you in your preparations for the event.

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Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered


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