Can Chinchou be Shiny in Pokemon GO?


There are tons of Pokemon for you to look out for and capture in the world f Pokemon GO. The candy and XP you earn for catching a Pokemon increase every time you encounter it, which gives more of an incentive to look out for cool and rare Pokemon to capture!

Now and then, if you are lucky enough, you can come across a rare and elusive shiny Pokemon! These Pokemon possess a different color scheme from the original design of the Pokemon. This rare cosmetic change is enough for shinies to be desired and hunted by trainers worldwide.

Shiny Pokemon have increased encounter rates during an event, which gives everyone in the event a limited time period to add a rare shiny Pokemon t their roster. But the main question remains…

Can You Catch a Shiny Chinchou in Pokemon GO?

The short answer is: yes!

Chinchou has been in Pokemon Go since February 2017, while the Shiny version was released recently during the Liverpool Safari Zone Event. So when you encounter a Chinchou in the wild, there are odds that it could be shiny!

Chinchou has its Spotlight Hour on November 9, 2021, where multiple Chinchou will appear for you to capture. While having an increased volume of Chinchou does make it so that you are more likely to encounter a shiny, the actual shiny encounter rate does not increase in the Spotlight Hour!

So, if you happen to miss the Spotlight Hour, don’t fret, as you can always shiny hunt for Chinchou whenever you like!

Chinchou evolves into Lanturn, who is well-appreciated in the competitive scene of Pokemon GO, so there is more than just the aesthetic value of adding a shiny Chinchou into your collection!

Gotta catch ’em all, right?

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Can Chinchou be Shiny in Pokemon GO?


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