Call Of Duty: Heroes

Back in August, a mobile entry of the Call Of Duty series named Call Of Duty: Heroes has been made available in soft-launch mode in Australia. Now the game published by Activision is finally available in all regions on the App Store.

Even though it’s part of a first person shooter game series, Call Of Duty: Heroes plays nothing like the consoles and PC releases. The mobile game is more like Clash Of Clans and other similar games, with players having to build a fortress, defend it against other enemies, join alliances with other players and more.


Being part of the Call of Duty series, Call Of Duty: Heroes also has some features taken from the other entries, like the kill-streak bonuses, which will allow players to unleash a drone strike and more.

What sets Call of Duty: Heroes from the many other similar games is its presentation, which is quite gritty and realistic, a far cry from the colorful graphics and design of Clash Of Clans.

Call Of Duty: Heroes is now available for download on the App Store for free. The game doesn’t look like the more original experience around but fans of Clash of Clans and other similar games will surely appreciate it.




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