Your majesty has passed away due to old age, and now it is your turn to rise to the throne. Call Me Emperor is a strategy empire simulation game in which you must oversee a thriving kingdom. What is the life of an emperor? That is for you to decide in this epic adventure full of romance, war, political turmoil, and more! Our Call Me Emperor cheats and tips will show you how to make sure your kingdom is running smoothly.

Call Me Emperor is a interesting take on the political history of China, and it is all about your planning skills. Let’s get started with our Call Me Emperor cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Spend your levys often!

The key to getting lots of currency for your kingdom is to use your levys as often as possible. Your tax levy, grain levy, and recruitment all requires levys that regenerate overtime. Every time you use a levy, you will gain that resource plus grow your kingdom a little bit. Levy regenerate over time on their own, and they only need a couple of minutes before they are back at max. Be sure to check in often to spend your levys!

Balance your Imperial Academy!

Every time you do the exam and hire a new member for your council, you can train them to increase your efficiency in that respect stat. Each council member specializes in a certain kingdom aspect: commerce, agriculture, politics, or military. Sometimes they will be a mix of two different aspects.

Each council member has “potential” in terms of these four aspects, which shows how influential they can get in regards to the aspect. This is why it is important to try to keep your Imperial Academy balanced, as you do not want to favor one of these aspects more than the others.

When you are holding an exam, try to pick the new council member that you are lacking in at the moment. This will help create a balanced environment for your council to grow.

Try out the Naval Battle!

The game does not really tell you this, but Naval Battles are open from the very beginning and you can play them any time you like. Naval Battles are minigames where you take to the seas to thwart the naval invasions from the neighboring kingdoms. Wait for the crosshair to line up right in the center of the aiming line, then let your cannons loose! It takes a bit of practice to get used to the timing, but the closer you are the bulleye, the more damage you do.

Each enemy ship you successfully take down will earn you a nice amount of experience for all of your council members. This is a great way to level them up without having to spend the tael on them.

Increase your military to get through the stages!

If you are having trouble battling through the stages, then you may need to beef up your military. Get a military council member and then level them up enough so that they start to have a significant impact on your empire’s military. A strong military presence also ensures swift recovery when your army does take a hit, as their recovery time is sped up.

Grant your books!

Occasionally, when you are doing main story quests, you will see quests that require you to grant books to your council members. Have you noticed that every time you recruit a new council member – among other methods – you will obtain a bunch of purple books? Those are Baijia Congshu, and these are the books the game is talking about. These books will bestow a council member with random stats, so be sure to use them to power up your favorite members.

That’s all for Call Me Emperor! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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    • Are u talking about palace exp? U know how you can select maiden 3 times per day right.
      First u need to select the a palace u want, then press upgrade. Then u can use your maidens to level up ur palace exp. There are total 5 types of maiden varying from 50 exp – 800 exp depending on luck. See which maidens u get per day. It’s random.

  1. You can use it to increase your morale points on the parade ground debate battles. This helps to temporarily increase stats of your minister

    how to use it on parada ground battles?

    • Before start of battle when you can select increases in attack, hit the plus sign next to the horn where it shown your total moral points. This will pull up your moral tokens you can select to use.

  2. How can you give titles to your descendants? How can you appoint a crown prince and what is supposed to happen after the marriages for the descendants? Do you do anything with them?

  3. Thank you for the article.
    Question: How to get more gifts like beauty, talent, etiquette to the consorts?

    Also, the married kids disappear? Haha

    • You can receive them from the foreign ministry as part of a mini game.

      And if you go on to the marriage hall, you can check the descendants and that’s where your children go once married.

      How do you use the Fortification Gems?

    • Go to the treasury and click the shards. You’ll see “rebuild” or something to that effect. You need 8 of the shards to make a whole potential fruit.


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