Buzz Killem Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


When aliens threaten the world, who do you call? Retired war veterans, of course! Meet Buzz Killem, the father of the esteemed action star Bill Killem. He’s called back into actions once aliens show up, so help him defend America with all you’ve got. Buzz Killem is a retro platformer shooter. Run, jump, and gun your way through a variety of levels defeating the alien menace with the help of our Buzz Killem cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide.

They came in peace. They’ll leave in pieces! Lock and load ’cause it’s time to shoot some aliens with the ultimate Buzz Killem cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide.

Complete the objectives!

Remember that each individual level has multiple sets of missions. Completing them nets you a hefty amount of coins, and it unlocks a new set of objectives for that level. In order to unlock new levels, you must first complete a set amount of objectives on previous levels.

Try out different disguises!

As you level up, you’ll unlock disguises. These change the appearance of your head and offer you different kinds of bonuses. For example, the Block disguise increases Knife and Uzi damage by 25%. If you have specific weapons upgraded, try to use a disguise that matches your favorite weapon! My favorite disguise so far has to be Indie though, as it grants you an extra heart so you can take a total of three hits before you go down.

Stay still to take out the floaters!

Floaters are the floating – go figure – purple skull looking guys. They aren’t very threatening on their own, but sometimes you won’t notice them when you’re jumping around or if you’re fighting another enemy. Sometimes when you do decide to engage them, you’ll notice that they’re a bit tricky to hit. Here’s how I do it: stand on a flat platform, give yourself a little distance from them, and wait. Floaters will eventually line themselves up for a perfect shot, giving you easy pickings.

Familiarize yourself with the levels!

When you start a new map, take the time to get to know it. Run around for a bit and note where the platforms and pits are. I have died way too many times from falling into a pit, but that all stopped once I started remembering where they were. It’s important to do this because sometimes in the heat of battle, you’ll forget and hop right to your doom.

Enemies have the highest chance of dropping weapon crates!

This is from my own personal experience, so your mileage might vary, but for me, collecting the weapon crates objective is always the hardest to do, because they never seemed to drop! I used to destroy everything to see if a crate would show up, but eventually I just stopped bothering with the random objects you find scattered throughout the levels. Barrels, boxes, etc, don’t really yield anything besides the occasional power up, and very scarcely crates. Go straight for the enemies to find the weapon crates you need!

Take it slow and be ready to jump!

The majority of enemies you will face will be able to shoot some sort of projectile at you. The general rule of thumb is this: always take it slow, because due to how the camera works, you might not see enemies in the immediate area. If you’ve got ammo to spare or you have the default handgun, hold down the fire button to automatically wipe out any potential enemies. Get ready to jump out of harm’s way should you find yourself right in it. Projectiles and bullets a little tiny so sometimes they’re hard to notice, so keep an eye out.

Buzz Killem is mostly reflex based, so the rest is up to you! Don’t worry though, because you’ve got the power of the one and only Buzz Killem, so take out those aliens! Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Buzz Killem Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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