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Bus Derby Original Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Bus Derby Original Cheats: Tips & Tricks

A Destruction Derby type of game with buses and a ton of customization options, with multiple game modes and really fun tracks, Bus Derby Original is really a dream come true for any violent racing fan out there.

However, getting from the “noob” status all the way to being the ruler of the bus drivers is a long road and I am here to help you make it as short and easy as possible with a bunch of Bus Derby cheats: tips & tricks to keep you going forward.

Start with single races

Play four or five single races to get acquainted with the tracks and also to make some money.

Don’t focus on other game modes yet, you are not prepared for them. Just play a few races to get used with the controls and get some money for…

A new bus ASAP

The bus you start with is a little piece of junk. Don’t even think about upgrading anything there, it would be just a waste of money.

Instead, invest in getting the second bus as soon as possible and that will be upgraded a few times (maybe even maxed) because the third one is very expensive (and so on).

With your new bus, start a tournament

Tournaments are series of races that you must complete and at the end you get a reward based on your final position. You also get regular rewards throughout the races, making them some great options to stack some money fast.

Start with the Championship and focus on it for a while to make money – ignore the Knockout, you will lose to soon and it’s not really worth it.

Upgrade your bus

In order to remain competitive, you will have to upgrade your bus a few times. You can only upgrade the bus before a race, and first focus on the top upgrade (speed and acceleration).

I recommend upgrading that twice, then giving two upgrades to the Grip and finally one to the boost. Then stash money for the third bus and repeat.

Helping you be #1 since 2044
Helping you be #1 since 2044

Single races for quick money

I recommend the Hills Race for some quick money as it only has two laps and you can easily finish in the top three. Basically, any 2 lap track is a good choice for some extra money.

Also, keep an eye on the “Extra” category as every now and then some 1 lap races will appear there for some even faster money.

Always look to cause mayhem

The point in the game is not only to win the races, but to also do bad things to the opposing buses.

This means that you can turn them around or roll them over and this gives you extra coins. Sometimes, finishing last but with a ton of enemies rolled and turned will earn you a lot more than finishing first!

Ignore the time trials

You can only play them with the crappy first bus for a while and you will probably fail. The rewards for failing (or winning actually) are really low, meaning that there is absolutely nothing for you in the time trials. Except for personal glory…

Learn to use the brake

Never able to take those tight turns? Try to hit the brake (tap the lower left area of the screen) and wonders will happen!

New level means better opponents

You might be getting good at racing, but so do your opponents. This means that after beating the beginner level (then amateur and so on), you will get better opponents, and the game will always be challenging.

Boost to get out of tight spots

Are you being crammed between two buses? That’s a good time to use the boost and get out. Of course, the best idea is to use the boost when you have a straight area ahead, but sometimes spending too long between two buses can cost you the race anyway…

Be patient and keep going

Bus Derby is a learning game and there are a lot of tracks to get used with. So keep playing them to up the game, be patient and very soon you will be the king of the hill!

These are our tips and tricks for Bus Driver. Do you have any suggestions for fellow players? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Bus Derby Original Cheats: Tips & Tricks


    • Its showed up twice for me in Extra, but you only get one try at it (unless you close the game before finishing). It’s nearly impossible since you need a fully souped up bus since your opponent already starts ahead of you.

    • If you beat someone in head to head, you get their bus, and since you are in Ultimate, you probably have all of the buses anyway, therefore, you will not see any head to head events. I saw head to head events as I progressed in the game, but maybe you missed them, because the extra events change all the time

  1. This GAME SUCKS!!!!! I’ve played every level and every track in single and Tournament and Ghost time and have GOLD in everything, but THE CITY TRACK IN EXTREME LEVEL. That I have silver and have played it at least 100 times. THE GAME CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It starts you out in the back and the fastest and strongest buses in the front. All the other bus you have to get past are after you. They tip you, spin you, and flip you upside down where you land backwards and you get reset behind the crash. They get reset faster and in front of you and the crash. If you try to spin or crash them, you usually crash. THE GAME IS RIGGED FOR YOU TO LOSE!!!!!

    They should start the best buses in the back with you and STOP THE CHEATING!!!!

    I don’t mind a challenge and I do understand the it is a DERBY, but whats good for the goose is good for the gander!


    I’ve played on my iPhone 4 and deleted it for the same reason and re-installed on my iPhone 6 and the game is about to get DELETED AGAIN!


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