We are back with another io game! Today we will be covering Bumper.io, the multiplayer bumper cars free-for-all! Be the last bumper standing in the hectic struggle to stay on land! Will you come out on top? With the help of our quick Bumper.io cheats and tips, you will definitely have a better chance!

Io games are always fun to pick up and play because they usually have some depth to them as well, so it’s fun to master the game. Let’s get started with our Bumper.io cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Aim for the big red button!

Each player’s bumper has a big red flashing button on their backside. As you can probably guess, hitting this button will launch the bumper forward with increased knockback. This is the key to getting knockouts! If you see a player wandering around the edge, try to go for their button as it will almost guarantee a KO.

Don’t hang around in the backlines!

Smarter players might be thinking: “what if I just hang out away from the crowd and wait until they all knock each other out?” While we agree that it does sound like a good idea, there’s a BIG reason you do not want to wait around – literally!

Every time a player gets a kill, they grow bigger in size. When playing against the computer bumpers, there is always one player who is the only one that gets kills.

You can see where this is going! If you wait around and let that certain computer player get the kills, they will grow to a massive size, leaving you against an unstoppable giant. Try to take out all the players as quickly as possible!

Use your size to your advantage!

If two bumpers of equal size ram each other head on, they will both be knocked back the same distance. If you can manage to sneak in one kill early on, you will grow a little bit and you can use this to your advantage.

Even if you collide with another bumper head on, they will be knocked back further than you. With enough persistence you can eventually just force a bumper off the edge if you have the size advantage.

Try to catch bumpers off guard!

The computer bumpers kind of cheat in a way – if you get close to their red button, most of the time they will turn around lightning fast and you will just end up running straight into their front. The key to engaging them is to wait until they are busy with another bumper. When they are busy fending off another opponent, that’s your cue to go in for the sneaky kill!

That’s all for our quick but essential guide on Bumper.io! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Not sure it will work because what if the opponent is busy with another opponent and turns around to you? Cuz then you and the person u tried to attack will dies and your opponent’s opponent will beat both of you guys.


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