Looking for a new casual strategy game to play on the go? Look no further than IGG.com’s Brave Conquest, a brand new strategy experience that puts you in the shoes of a new lord in charge of a budding kingdom.

In Brave Conquest, players will claim their stake in a new and expansive world. Your kingdom will grow as you see fit, whether you want to have a booming economy with lots of farms and factories, or if you want to be a ruthless, aggressive kingdom full of barracks and spellworks!

Whatever route you decide to go, conflict is inevitable, so prepare your blade and get ready for fierce real-time strategy combat! Lead your armies into battle with legendary heroes who will pave the way and utilize their special skills to dominate the battlefield.

But of course, your regular troops are the backbone of the fight and they will be your key to victory. Players can tackle their opponents with a variety of formations. Knowing which formations suits your troops is crucial, as strategic approaches will perform much better than just blindly rushing your opponent!

Brave Conquest also lets you build alliances with other players. Help each other out by sending resources, lending troops, and taking on your opponents together. They have got your back!

Brave Conquest is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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