It’s an all-out war! Pico Tanks is a new online multiplayer game where everyone gets to build their own tank, outfit with the biggest weapons, and blow each other to smithereens! Bring the mayhem in this new online 3-on-3 top-down shooter!

First, players get to design their dream tank. Choose a base type which will determine what kind of load your tank can hold. Light tanks can zip through the battlefield at breakneck speeds, while heavy tanks can hold all of the artillery to become a one-man army.

Then, choose a loadout. Get up all close and personal with the Spud Launcher, a devastating close-range weapon that can load your opponents up with carbohydrates. Or, if you can stay away and pick off opponent from afar with the Sniper Rifle.

Finally, you can customize your tank and make it your own with paint jobs, stickers, toppers, and more! There is nothing like showing who is boss with a pizza skin!

Now you are ready to enter the battlefield. Duke it out in three different modes: hold the flag, fetch the cargo, and team deathmatch, all spins on traditional PvP game modes. Will you be the last tank standing?

Pico Tanks is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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