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Buddyman: Kick 2 Free Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Buddyman: Kick 2 Free Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Buddyman is back! Buddyman: Kick 2 Free is an action-packed stress reliever. Just how does this game relieve your stress, you ask? Well Buddyman is here and waiting for you to experiment on him with a variety of weapons, firearms, and animals. He’s training to become the greatest superhero of all time, so he has to be able to stand up to anything. We’ll help you train him right with our Buddyman: Kick 2 Free cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide. Just don’t be too harsh on him, okay?

1. Maximum mayhem is needed for the melee weapons!

For the firearms, to gain coin all you really need to do is tap and hold. Aim every now and then so that the bullets connect, but when you’re using a melee weapon you need to go nuts! And I mean nuts! Tap and drag the weapon all over the screen. The bat and spiked ball require you to swing it around like crazy. Go nuts; swipe your finger all over the place and make sure Buddyman is within reach of the weapon so you can demolish him!

2. Buddyman too wiggly? Tilt your phone!

Buddyman gets flung all over the place when you damage him, making it kind of tricky to keep the carnage on. The game is actually gyroscope enabled though, so if you tilt your phone around Buddyman will fall in that direction. This is useful because you can tilt your phone slightly to the right or left and Buddyman will be stationed near the wall, stuck in the corner. If you keep your device tilted, even when you hit him he should fall right back into his corner spot. This is especially useful for melee weapons as you can keep them near him and Buddyman will probably run into them on his own.

3. Upgrade your weapons for more coins!

Upgrading weapons costs a star point, which are gained upon level ups. Upgrading a weapon makes it stronger and most importantly increases the amount of coins that weapon generates when it hits Buddyman. This is helpful for completing the missions that require you to obtain a certain amount of coins!

4. Fill up the Super Kick meter!

At the top of the screen there is a heart with a number on it. This is how much health and lives Buddyman currently has. Everytime you hurt him, his health goes down, and once it empties, he loses a life. When a life is lost, a skull is added to the  super kick meter on the left side. The skull has a timer; once it turns completely orange, it’ll disappear. If you can manage to fill up the entire meter with skulls, you will enter Super Kick mode where you will deliver the ultimate strike to Buddyman, earning you a lot of coins and experience!

5. Complete the missions!

This goes without saying but without doing the missions you will probably be short on coins. You need coins to unlock the better weapons, though some of them require strictly diamonds. Regardless, work towards the missions for lots of coins!

That’s about all we can say for Buddyman. Train him hard and as much as you like, but remember to let him to take a break too, got it? If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave a comment below. Until next time!

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Buddyman: Kick 2 Free Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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