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In today’s article we are going to dive into the Bubble Pop! tips and cheats to help you pass more stages and better understand the mechanics of the game!

This game kept me pretty much glued to my phone for many hours, and I would find myself playing it whenever I had some spare time in my day – probably it’s the same with you, but if you are looking to learn all the little tricks you need to know in order to easier pass more stages, you came to the right place!

So without further ado, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Bubble Pop! tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything we know about the game to help you pass more stages.

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Always aim for the bubbles that are clumped together higher

Whenever you are trying to match the bubbles, you should try to aim for the ones which are clumped together higher because once you popped these, the bubbles that are tied to them below will automatically fall without having to match them.

It’s a pretty easy thing to do, so keep in mind to always inspect your board and look to aim at the bubbles which are higher, and pop them. That way not only will you save a lot of moves, but you will also get closer to finishing the stage with 3 stars successfully.

There are a few ways to reach those bubbles that are up above easier, so try to do that if you want to finish the stage faster!

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Bounce the bubbles off the walls

This should apply especially if there is a hard to reach place where you want to send your bubble. Try to see all the ways that you can bounce the bubble off the walls because it will make it a lot more easier to reach those higher-up bubbles.

You can use the trace that your bubble makes for that, because it will help quite a lot! Try to always keep track of it because that is one way that will help you reach those spots which are pretty tough to reach.

I always prefer to bounce the bubbles off the walls if there are some difficult places where I want to match the bubbles, because it’s a lot easier and faster than anything else.

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Finish the stages with 3 stars

The maximum you can finish a stage with is 3 stars. I suggest that you try and finish all stages with that, because it’s really not so difficult! All that you need to do is to try and not spend all your moves on matching bubble with bubble each time, but rather look at the bigger picture!

If you haven’t finished a level yet with 3 stars, then just come back and re-play it at a later time so that you can successfully pass it with maximum score!

Get extra bubbles if needed!

Every stage that you reach some of your last bubbles, you will notice a colorful basket appear in the left side of your bubble thrower. This is a helpful hand which has extra balls to help you clear the level within the given moves / bubbles!

So if you find yourself in a tough situation, I suggest that you watch an advertisement and claim these extra moves (10 moves / bubbles) because they can really make a big difference when it comes to the score!

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Watch an ad for free Coins

You can choose to watch an ad to get some extra free Coins in the post-game interface. There will appear a button where you can watch an ad and claim some 25-ish free Coins! These Coins can be use to purchase various boosters, so if you want to have a much easier time passing the higher stages, then claim all the Coins you can!

A booster will cost anything from 100 to 200 Coins, depending on the type it is. So I really suggest that you save up every single Coin you can because later on they will prove really useful!

Use Boosters when necessary

If you are dealing with a tough level, you will most likely want all the help that you can get. So for that I really suggest that you should use these boosters because they will make the game a lot easier!

You can use them any time that you want, but I really advice you do save them for the higher stages, because some of them will really be a pain to pass! These are the boosts in game:

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– Bomb: this will explode a few bubbles around where you send it. A Bomb costs 150 Coins to buy.

– Rainbow: this can be matched with any bubbles when you send it. A Rainbow costs 100 Coins.

– Lightning: this will remove an entire row of everything. A Lightning costs 150 Coins.

– Beam Shot: this will remove everything in its path. A Beam Shot costs 200 Coins.

In my opinion you should always use these boosters only when you are in a tough situation, because they are overall quite expensive, so it would be a waste of Coins (and boosters) to use them at early stages where you don’t actually need them!

Spin the daily wheel for free prizes

Every single day you will be able to spin the wheel which contains a ton of useful prizes! I suggest that you always try to spin this whenever you can, because it’s free useful loot. The wheel can give you boosters or Coins, so it’s definitely good.

You can also choose to watch an ad to reduce the wheel waiting time by 6 hours. If you are really in need of some extra Coins or any booster, then you should go ahead and reduce its time by as much as possible. Otherwise, you can just wait it out!

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These would be all of our Bubble Pop! tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!


  1. Why when you get to the end and only have a few bubbles left and push tab to get 3 more units the screen goes black. Then you have to start over. WHY WHY

  2. You might want to load the game again! It may have a glitch in the one you’re playing! I started a few days ago and have had no problems through 85 levels!


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