Bubble Fire Story is one part Angry Birds, one part Galaga and finally, one part puzzle builder. What comes off as an incredibly simplistic puzzle shooter, Bubble Fire Story manages to be fun in its own right.

Let’s make no mistake, Bubble Fire Story is not a challenging puzzle game. If you go in, expecting a AAA game quality puzzle game, you are just going to come out disappointed. The first 15 or so levels can be completed without much effort in what feels like maybe 20 minutes max. The basic premise is quite easy to understand: you shoot color bubbles into a grid, they build up and explode. The importance is getting the correct colors matching and to build them up high enough for more points. This is very reminiscent of games like Tetris where timing and accuracy are key.

The game also comes with bonuses. These bonuses can help the more challenging levels where the line gets closer to you, each shot’s accuracy is key at this point. Thankfully, those bonuses can add an edge to your game. Honestly, they aren’t really needed here, as usually you will find yourself never too challenged unless you the player makes a fatal flaw in bubble positioning. Think of it like a lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but in this case, the questions are as easy as, “What’s two plus two?”.


The best, most noticeable element to Bubble Fire Story is the vibrant visuals. No question this game is aesthetically eye catching with powerful blues, reds and greens. This game alone would conquer the attention of anyone under the age of five. Sure, the simplicity is worth noting. Nothing advanced, nor complicated is being run here but the signature Apple retina display renders it all wonderfully.

The pay wall is held at bay. The market of iOS games is flooded with massive pay walls. Thankfully, this one isn’t nearly as intrusive. However, oddly enough, there is a lot of developer spam, usually requesting a review for their product. This is a bit understanding see as this isn’t a AAA developer but someone who developed this in their spare time.


Bubble Fire Story is a fun game that can chew up some time when you’re waiting for a friend or stuck at the Doctor’s office. Beyond that, the amount of time measured in the game won’t outlast a restroom stop.

Download the game on the App Store.

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