BTD6 Late Game Guide: Towers, Tips and Cheats

BTD6 Late Game Guide: Towers, Tips and Cheats

BTD6 is an excellent sequel to everyone’s favorite series. You will face many new enemies, but there will also be more new towers in your arsenal. Together with the leveling system, the game will force you to create different tactics for different levels.

BTD6 Late Game Guide

Let’s start with some late-game tips.

  • To slow down your enemies, try to use Bloon Sabotage more often. Buff your DPS towers and use Homeland Defense and Alchemists to constantly build new towers.
  • Better to put a few Sun Temples than a lot of weak ones.
  • To get rid of fast blimps with ease, we recommend that you use Icicle Impale and Superstorm.
  • You will be faced with a huge amount of Purple Bloons, so use the effective Glaive Lord or True Sun God. And don’t forget to use Ultraboost on these towers.

Now let’s talk about heroes and tactics which are great in the late game.

Against BADs, one of the best heroes is Ezili, who deals increased damage against them. With the correct placement of six Poplust Druids, they will be able to effectively attack opponents, but you need Monkey Village support.

One of the best late-game tactics is to use the Perma-Spike. This latest Spike Factory upgrade will make you unbeatable. After all, no matter how many enemies pass, Perma-Spike will not break. You can install this support tower and go to cook dinner, everything will go smoothly and without your intervention.

However, you can create your tactics to suit your playing style. Fortunately, in BTD6 it is possible to do this.

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BTD6 Late Game Guide: Towers, Tips and Cheats


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