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Brutal Hockey Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning More Games

Brutal Hockey Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning More Games
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It is time to get brutal! Brutal Hockey is a fast-paced, rapid-fire hockey game where beating up your opponents is the name of the game! Oh, and there is a game of hockey to be won too, but make sure to beat up your foes before you do so! With simple controls and quick matches, Brutal Hockey is the perfect game to play on the go.

In our Brutal Hockey tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of a typical match. We will show you how to fight like a pro and take out the enemy team while landing some nice goals, so let’s get started with our Brutal Hockey cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning more games!

Controlling your Player

Drag the screen around to control your currently selected player, and run over the puck to automatically start hitting it. You can stop moving at any point to make a shot in the current direction you are looking at it, so make sure to aim before you let go of the screen.

The controls in Brutal Hockey are a little finicky at first, but you will get used to them in time. When in doubt, do not let go of the screen until you are either ready to dash into an enemy or make a shot. This will make it so that even if you accidentally perform an action when you were not ready, you will at least be facing in the right direction (most of the time).

There does not seem to be a manual way of switching players, as the game will just automatically switch players for you on the fly. This can lead to some accidental shots and dashes, so be careful and keep a close eye on the rings around your players. If the ring is lit up, that is the player you are currently controlling.

Taking Players Out

A good offense is all you need to leave the goalie wide open for a shot, so taking out players is a must in Brutal Hockey! Considering that you only need two goals to win the match, the game encourages you to play fast and play brutal.

To knock a player out, simply dash into them when you do not have the puck. If you dash connects, the player will be knocked out on the spot for a few seconds. You may have noticed tiny little dots floating around each player – these represent their health.

Whenever a player is knocked out, they lose a dot. If they lose all dots, they will knocked out for an extended amount of time. Take advantage of this and make a shot on the goal! When a player is knocked out when they are out of health, a white circle will appear over them. This circle will slowly fill up and when it is filled the player wakes up with some health returned.

If either team scores a goal, every single player in the match will restore one dot of health to make sure that they do not get immediately jumped.

Winning Brawls

If you dash into a player that is on their last dot of health, a brawl will break out! During brawls, the camera will zoom in on the two players involved and the action around them will pause so that you can focus on the fight.

In a brawl, both players have three health. To punch your opponent, you swipe either to the right or left. To win a brawl, you must counter your opponent by watching for the indicators. When they are about to strike, a fist icon will show up on either the right or left side. If you attack in the same direction as they are, you will counter them and make them take damage.

Repeat this three times to win the brawl! If you are too slow or you counter in the wrong direction, you will be hit instead, so make sure not to mess up too much or else your player will be knocked out!

Pick your Favorite Perks

Cups are comprised of four different matches. Whenever you win a match, you will be given a selection of three different perks that will last until the cup is over. The perks shown are randomly chosen so you never know what you are going to get.

Perks help your team out by speeding up dash recovery, making the goal keeper react faster, reducing the time spent knocked out, and so forth. You get to choose a total of three over the course of an entire cup, so make your choices count. When you move onto a new cup, you lose your perks but they can be gained again.

There are a total of 15 perks in the game, but you start out with only five of them. You can unlock more as you progress through the leagues, or you can unlock them right away by watching advertisements or paying for the VIP membership. Note that unlocking them does not mean that you will have them active at all times, it just means that they now have a chance to show up in the randomly selected perks between cups.

List of Perks

Here are all the perks available to you in the game. Bolded perks are ones that we think are especially helpful, so go for those if you do not know what to pick.

  • Dash Charge Time: Dash recharges 25% faster
  • Dash Distance: Dash 25% further
  • KO Time: Opponents stay KO’d for 25% longer
  • GK Reflex: Your goal keeper reacts 25% faster
  • Goal Size: Shrinks your goal gate
  • Extra Time: Increases game time by 15 seconds
  • Fast Game: Reduces game time by 15 seconds
  • KO Puck: Players hit by the puck are KO’d
  • Exploding Puck: Puck explodes after 2 seconds, KO’ing anyone caught in the blast
  • Speed Up: Team’s speed is increased by 25%
  • KO Recovery: Team’s recovery speed increased by 25%
  • Puck Speed Up: Player with the puck moves 25% faster
  • Extra Dash Damage: Dash inflicts more damage
  • Extra Life Point: Extra health for team
  • Evade Mastery: Increases dash evasion chance

Go for Angled Shots

We have found that the best way to make a shot is to aim at an angle. The goal keepers get increasingly fast as you progress through the main leagues, and eventually straight shots at the goal will not work anymore.

It is better to come at the right or left side of the goal and shoot at an angle. The goal keeper will leave the majority of the net exposed, so you have better chances of landing the shot. Remember that you only need to land two shots (early on, at least) and the game is yours!

However, you might run out of time before you can get your shots in. If the clock runs out and the scores are even, you will enter sudden death. During sudden death, the first team to score a goal will automatically win the match. Be careful when this happens!

Customize your Team

Lastly, you can customize your team’s nationality and colors if you so wish. This does nothing but reflect your own personal tastes, so you only have to do it if you want to. You can also change the punk into fun new designs, like a donut! This too is only cosmetic and does not change how the puck behaves, so pick your favorite design!

That’s all for Brutal Hockey. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Brutal Hockey Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning More Games


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