For those of you playing the game, we will feature in this article about Brawl Stars, how to master each game mode and, if done right, how to get that MVP award too! So if you are curious about all of the possible game modes, and everything that you need to follow in order to win at each and every one of them, follow our exact steps right here!

Before we start, we will mention that the game has five different game modes, and we will detail on them under each game’s category. So, without wasting another moment, we will dive right into our guide on Brawl Stars: how to master each game mode, right now!

Gem Grab Tips

Type: 3 vs 3

Tilesets: Hard Rock Mine, Crystal Cavern, Deathcap Cave, Stone Fort, Undermine, Deep Siege, Chill Cave, Echo Chamber, Flooded Mine

The point of this mode is to collect the Gems that appear around the center of the map, next to the Gem Mine. The purpose of this mode is to collect as many as you can and hold on to them for as long as possible, until the timer runs out and you’ve won.

The absolute best you can do here is let the opponents come to get the first couple of Gems that drop, and then charge in at them and defeat them! Don’t forget to pick up the gems they drop afterwards, because otherwise everything that you’ve done is pointless. 

The best technique for this mode is to have two strong people going in at the enemy and keeping them at bay while a third person is collecting the Gems. If this isn’t possible, you can pick up gems and find a hiding spot where you can stay still and wait for the game to end without the enemies noticing you.

However, if your team is super strong, you can charge head first into the enemy base and mercilessly kill them as they spawn. It’s up to you, there’s really no wrong choice you can make here.    

Showdown Tips

Type: 1 vs all

Tilesets: Skull Creek, Scorched Stone, Rockwall Brawl, Feast or Famine, Thousand Lakes, Cavern Churn, Double Trouble, Island Invasion, Hot Maze

Here you can adventure into a blood-thirsty battlefield that will make you fight everyone for the survival of the fittest. What you need to do here is basically survive. It’s tough, but you can easily win if you have a clear sight of the objectives.

Firstly, you should focus on gathering a few Power Cubes. They will increase your Health and Attack Damage. They can be found inside some boxes, and as soon as the game starts, go destroy those boxes to collect the Power Cubes. As other players collect their own, you can then head on to their location and kill them, collecting the cubes they’ve had thus far.

It’s all fun and games, until you realize that the poison clouds are closing in. If you fail to move and get caught in them, you’re going to die and thus leave the map. I suggest finding a few good bushes around the center of the map that you can hang out in, and wait there until the end of the round, or until some players have killed each other.

Also, if you see a low health enemy nearby, you could emerge and deal the fatal blow. Long story short, you need to survive. Never stay in the same place for too long, especially if it’s in the outskirts of the map. And collect the Power Cubes dropped by the others. 

Heist Tips

Type: 3 vs 3

Tilesets: Bandit Stash, Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone (funny joke), G.G.Corral, Fancy Fencing, Forks Out, Cactus Corridor, Bone tunnel

In this map, you along with your team mates have a set objective, that needs to be accomplished properly in order to win: you can not lose your safe (by letting it get destroyed) and you must destroy the enemy’s safe.

You can also just protect your safe and wait for the timer to end, instead of trying to sneak up on the enemy safe, but this way is way less fun. I personally prefer going in and taking on all the enemies in order to destroy their safe. 

The best thing I suggest to do here is to sneak close to the enemy safe by going into the bushes and, if you manage to go unnoticed, then it’s for the best. If they try to attack you with all their might, and you have a team mate to defend, try to have him take as much of their time as possible, while you and one other team mate sneak up on the enemy safe and destroy it.

Another way to win this is by having just one person sneaking up on them, if they have a skill that does lots of damage. That person will have to go unnoticed until the enemies think they are safe, and then emerge from the shadows, destroy the safe and win the round.

Bounty Tips

Type: 3 vs 3

Tilesets: Temple Ruins, Stone Fort, Deathcap Trap, Crystal Clearing, Snake Prairie, Shooting Star, Outlaw Camp, Hideout, Canal Grande

This is one of my favorite modes, along with Showdown. In this mode, PvP is the objective. You will get points by killing the enemy players and your bounty will increase. For each kill you get (without dying) you will get one star. When you die, you will lose all of them, so be careful!

The main goal here is to have more points than your enemy, so if you die at max stars (7 is the maximum you can get) those stars will be awarded to the enemy team. The more, the higher the score. 

The tide of battle can be easily turned here when, out of nowhere, someone who has been in front with 7 stars for the whole game, dies suddenly because of the opponents’ team effort, and that can easily ruin your day if you’re the 7 stars guy.

My suggestion here is to protect the team mate who is really strong and getting all the kills (if that isn’t you) and try to do your best to keep them alive for as long as possible. If possible, you could sneak around in the enemy territory and die to one of their easiest to kill members (so they can get a star off you) and then have your strong team mate come and kill the enemy who killed you.

This is kind of hard to pull off, but if you manage to (if you play duo with someone) it’s going to pay off really well.

And well, if you are the fed one, try using your team as a meat shield and do your best staying alive!

Brawl Ball Tips

Type: 3 vs 3

Tilesets: Backyard Bowl, Triple Dribble, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields, Super Stadium, Puddle Splash

This game mode may be a favorite of many, but mine isn’t. It’s quite difficult to pull of two goals (yeah, this is football).

The objective here is to score two times into the enemy goal and do your best to not let them score before you do. The game can be over also by the round timer expiring, but that means your victory might not be certain. 

I am not a big fan of this mode, but one thing I can say for certain: play Mortis or Bull and you’re good. Also, once you get a hold of the ball, move around trying to avoid the enemies. Your team mates will most likely protect you (or vice-versa if they have the ball) and that will make things much easier.

You don’t have to do any crazy things in order to win, just focus on avoiding the enemies that could potentially take you down quickly. The rest, let your team handle them for you and just keep that goal in mind.

These are our tips for Brawl Stars, how to win at all game modes. If you have other good tips and ideas for fellow players, leave them down in the comments below to be shared with everyone!


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