Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II is a Japanese role-playing game through and through, so those who played any classic Final Fantasy or Dragin Quest game will have no trouble understanding the many mechanics that power the new game. Still, there is a lot to take in, so it’s likely that some players may forget about some of these mechanics and end up making the experience more difficult than it really is.

If you’re just starting out your adventure, but you’re already having troubles, you have adventured to the right place. With these tips, you will be much better equipped to defeat enemies and save the world for the umpteenth time!

He Who Strikes First, Dies Last

Unlike most JRPGs out there, Bravely Default II doesn’t feature random encounters. All enemies are visible on the screen, so it’s up to you to fight them or leave them be. If you decide to fight them, always go for a Preemptive Strike by pressing the Y button and hit them with your sword. A Preemptive Strike means starting the battle with an additional Brave point, meaning that you will get an extra turn for absolutely no cost!

Thorough Examination

The Examine skill is extremely important when facing new enemies, as it tells you everything about their weaknesses. This skill is part of the Freelancer skillset, but if you do not want to be stuck with this rather basic Job for a long time, you can purchase Magnifying Glasses, which effectly let you use the skill without having it equipped on any character.

Camping Fun

Speaking of items, always make sure to bring more than a few tents with you. They let you camp out while on the world map, fully restoring all HP and MP for all party members. Sadly, tents do not work in dungeons, but if you bring Teleport Stones with you, you can teleport out of any dungeon so that you can use a tent to restore your characters and get back on your feet.


While the quickest way to obtain items is to purchase them in shops and adventuring, there is another way to do so that’s extremely handy, especially as you basically have to do nothing. The exploration feature lets you get items while the console is in rest mode, and to obtain them, you just need to head to any exploration HQ found in any of the world’s towns. Minimum effort, maximum profit!

The Perfect Job For You

The Job System is one of the highlights of the Bravely Default 2 experience, granting you massive customization options. Being able to create any build you want, however, doesn’t mean that you should: the Sub-Job you pick should always match the Main Job as much as possible for maximum efficacy. Any magic-based Job excels at spell casting as a whole, for example, so a White Mage can use every other magic type effectively. Physical-based Jobs, on the other hand, don’t get many benefits from spell casting, so creating any sort of hybrid build will not be particularly effective. Experiment around to find the build best suited for your playstyle, but never forget that opposites never, ever match in Bravely Default II, unless you really want a challenge.

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