Bravely Default II

Most of the Jobs included in Bravely Default II are geared towards dealing damage to enemies, but there are a few ones that are geared towards defense, providing the party with a high level of protection that can make a difference in the most difficult boss battles. Among these defensive Jobs, the best one is the Shieldmaster.

Here’s everything there is to know about the Shieldmaster Job in Bravely Default II.


The Shieldmaster is the ultimate defensive Job in Bravely Default II. This Job comes with amazingly high HP, Defense, and Magic Defense, making it a great tank that can take more than a few hits. Some of its abilities let it become even more of a defensive powerhouse, granting the ability to aggro enemies and even wield two shields. The Defender of the People ability, which can block up to three attacks, is the ability to use during boss battles, although it cannot protect allies against attacks that target the whole party.

This Job’s main downside, however, is the terrible Agility, which means that it will get fewer turns than most Jobs in battle. This is an issue only if you’re giving the Shieldmaster an offensive sub-Job, as its innate abilities last for more than a few turns. Fast Hands, which converts the speed reduction from heavy weapons, solves this problem, so if you want to turn your tanky Shieldmaster into an offensive character, you will be able to do so without any major penalty.

Special Abilities

The Shieldmaster Special Abilities augment the Job’s defensive capabilities considerably. Protect Ally shields any ally who is in critical condition, while Chivalrous Spirity restore MP and increases BP by one when Protect Ally, Bodyguard or Defender of the People are used in battle.

The Portcullis Special Ability makes it possible to share the Shieldmaster amazing defensive abilities with the rest of the part, as this ability increases all allies’ physical and magical defense for three turns while increasing physical attack by 15%. To use this ability, you must use Shieldcraft 12 times.


All of the Shieldmaster abilities are geared towards attracting aggro, increase defense and protect allies.

Bodyguard – The user will step in to take damage in place of a selected ally, automatically adopting the Default stance in the process.
Dual Shields – Allows a shield to be equipped in each hand. Doing so increases aim by 100%.
Blinding Flash (14 MP) – Attempt to blind all targets.
The Courage to Resist – Defaulting does not increase BP, but does nullify all status ailments except slow, stop and doom.
Crushed Ice (44 MP) – Perform a physical attack that’s extremely effective on frozen targets.
Reprisal – (40 MP) – For five turns, 50% of any damage received by the user will also be inflicted on the attacker.
Defender of the People – Take up to three attacks in place of allies before the user’s next turn, automatically adopting the Default stance in the process. Does not apply to attacks that target all allies.
Heavy Hitter (1 BP) – Perform a physical attack on a target. The heavier the equipment in the user’s left hand, the greater the damage inflicted.
(44 MP) – Perform a physical attack that’s extremely effective on confused targets.
Fast Hands – Any speed reductions caused by equipment in either hand become speed bonuses instead.
No Guts, No Glory – Physical and magical defence increase with BP, but will also decrease when BP drop below zero.
The Gift of Wisdom (33% MP) – Donates 33% of the user’s max. MP to a target. If MP is below 33% of max. level, all available MP will be donated.
Super Heavy Hitter (2 BP) – Perform two physical attacks on a target. The heavier the equipment in both the user’s hands, the greater the damage inflicted.
Firmly Grounded (20% HP) – Boost MP and magical attack for three turns by an amount based on the user’s encumbrance. Any negative effects of being overburdened are ignored.
Harsh Reprisal (68 MP) – For three turns, 100% of any damage received by the user will also be inflicted on the attacker.

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