A mystical world in which gods bend their will to you, where Medusa, Anubis and Thor fight for you and obey your every command. Sounds good? Of course, I’m talking about 37 Games’ new Idle RPG, Idle Odyssey!

Here, gathered from various mythologies, the most powerful and mighty gods can join your roster and fight evil creatures. If you can imagine it, this game probably has it. With over 100 heroes to choose from, you will definitely rock a unique roster!

Of course, some of the many features of this game include fusing your heroes. What does that do? Well, it creates new ones, thus paving the way for the mighty gods to join you!

Idle Odyssey gives you the ability to create or join a guild too! You and your friends could create one (or join one together) and help each other climb to the top by trading goods and fighting together. Also, by liking your friends’ rare and powerful hero, you get a chance to nab a version of it for yourself!

Since this is an Idle RPG you can relax and watch it all happen before your very eyes. Pick your mightiest heroes, press play then watch them slay all sorts of foes in many different locations. But of course, your heroes need gear too! So make sure you equip them with the strongest armors and weapons before you send them out to battle.

There’s never a dull moment in Idle Odyssey, as you level up you unlock more and more features such as Wheel of Fortune, Challenge Dungeon, Oracle, Tower to Heaven, Grand Expedition and much much more. Call your friends and grab Idle Odyssey from Google Play Store today!


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