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Brain Test: Tricky Words Answers | Complete Walkthrough

Brain Test: Tricky Words Answers | Complete Walkthrough
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Brain Test: Tricky Words is a collection of word puzzles. The game currently has 100 levels, with the challenge getting bigger as you move from one level to the next. To help you go through the game more easily, we’ve created a detailed walkthrough.

In this article, you’ll find all Brain Test: Tricky Words answers as well as some useful tips. Also, if you’re looking for word puzzles or logical games, you might like our piece on Brain It On complete solutions.

All Brain Test: Tricky Words Answers

Our guide will help you beat all the levels in Brain Test: Tricky Words
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We’ve written a complete guide for every 10 levels in Brain Test: Tricky Words. In each of our articles, you’ll find an image of every puzzle with a straightforward answer to the question. We encourage you to have the article open just in case you need the extra help but still try to solve the puzzles yourself. After all, Brain Test: Tricky Words is only fun if you let it actually put your brain on the test!

Here are all of our guides for Brain Test: Tricky Words answers:

If you’re determined to give Brain Test: Tricky Words your best shot without the help of our guides, let’s go through some essential tips for solving the puzzles.

Brain Test: Tricky Words Walkthrough (Tips & Tricks)

Brain Test: Tricky Words is available on Android, iOS, and online (browser-based). Although you might think there’s not much strategy about this word puzzle game, certain techniques can help you arrive at an answer sooner:

Tip #1: Always Focus on the Words

This may sound redundant, but it’s actually a good principle to keep in mind as you progress through Brain Test: Tricky Words. A lot of the game is based on wordplay, and ultimately, the solution for every puzzle is about how words sound or the letters they consist of. That’s what you should focus on before, for instance, the meaning of the words or the message behind a phrase.

Tip #2: Figure Out Which Type of Puzzle You’re Solving

Brain Test: Tricky Words has several types of puzzles. The tricky part is that you’re usually not told which type you’re solving. However, if you pay attention, you can figure it out relatively easily. For instance, the game will sometimes spell it out, asking you to guess the title of a movie or the name of a brand. But other times, you’ll need to put in some extra effort.

Level 14 puzzle asks you to guess the movie title. The clue is an image commonly associated with promotional posters for The Godfather.
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If the puzzle doesn’t ask specifically for a brand, country, or movie name, the first thing you should check is whether you’re looking at a rebus. A rebus is a word puzzle that combines images with letters. When you encounter a rebus, it’s worth noting that the same letters might not sound the same in the answer as they sound when reading the clue. Or, they might sound the same but be spelled differently:

The rebus spells "S" "And" "Witch," giving the answer "Sandwich" where the second part of the word sounds the same as the clue, but is spelled differently.
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Finally, the puzzles in Brain Test: Tricky Words can sometimes be simple, straightforward questions. These will call for some logical skills and can largely depend on your vocabulary. When answering a question puzzle, always make sure to follow tip #1 and—focus on the words.

Tip #3: Don’t Rush to Spend Hints!

Every time you pass a level in Brain Test: Tricky Words, you’ll earn some “ideas” (represented by the lightbulb icon). These are the main in-game currency that you can use to purchase hints or even answer questions automatically. However, we’d advise you to use hints sparingly!

Firstly, like with our very own Brain Test: Tricky Words answers guides, getting too much help with a question can take away the fun. Even though the game can be challenging and even frustrating at times, you’ll get the most satisfaction from it if you solve the puzzles on your own.

That being said, some puzzles (especially in later levels) can be pretty tough. If you find yourself spending more than 10-15 minutes on a question, you’ll want to take a hint. These will usually set you on the right track so you can arrive at an answer. The issue is that hints cost 50 lightbulbs a pop, while you’ll earn considerably less when you pass a level.

The bottom line is, don’t go wild on the hints early on! Give it your best and focus early in the game so you can activate the hints in later levels when the challenges get too tough.

This wraps up our walkthrough of Brain Test: Tricky Words. You can tell us which levels were the most challenging for you in the comments, but don’t spoil any levels for others—that’s our job! And if you want more tips and tricks on other games, feel free to dive into our Game Guides section.

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