Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Answers: Level 61 to Level 90 Walkthrough

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It might not always be the most fun game out there, but it does keep you hooked. And if you’ve made it this far, I’m here to help with some more Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge answers. In today’s article, we’re going to tackle 30 more levels, from 61 to 90.

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We have already published the complete solution to the previous 60 stages and you can check out the articles here and here in case you still need help with one of the older stages.

If not, let’s move on and check out below the Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge answers for levels 61 to 90!

Brain Puzzle Level 61 Answer

Q: I’m cold again…
A: Tap the tree continuously until you get from it a battery, a rock and a piece of paper and the tree itself turns to logs, as seen below:

Now, drag the battery over the logs, then the paper and finally the rock – you’ll get fire!

Brain Puzzle Level 62 Answer

Q: Copy the pattern!
A: This is a game where you must pay attention. The shapes light up in a specific order (circle, circle, square, triangle in my case). Simply remember it and tap the shapes in the correct order. If you fail, hit the reload button in the upper right corner to start over.

Brain Puzzle Level 63 Answer

Q: Search: Hit the guys!
A: The trick here is that the light reveals, at the bottom, that you shouldn’t hit the guys with hats. So search for the two guys without hats sitting at the bottom left and right of the screen.

Brain Puzzle Level 64 Answer

Q: How many stickmen?
A: Drag over the stickman figures until you reveal them all. If you count them, you see that there’s a total of 9 of them.

Brain Puzzle Level 65 Answer

Q: Get married!
A: Drag the donut over the finger.

Brain Puzzle Level 66 Answer

Q: It is broken again… Fix the sink!
A: A new easy puzzle the requires you to connect the pipes. Here’s how to do it:

Brain Puzzle Level 67 Answer

Q: Shine his head
A: Simply swipe over the bald guy’s head until you pass the level.

Brain Puzzle Level 68 Answer

Q: Who is the most handsome/beautiful person to ever play this game? Look closely!
A: Type “Me” as the answer.

Brain Puzzle Level 69 Answer

Q: Find the happy bee!
A: The happy bee can be find toward the middle, to the left:

Brain Puzzle Level 70 Answer

Q: Click on the best color
A: Tap the color in the lower left corner.

Brain Puzzle Level 71 Answer

Q: Find Bob!!!
A: Place two fingers on the screen, to the right side and swipe left – you will see Bob. Tap him.

Brain Puzzle Level 72 Answer

Q: His breath stinks… help him!
A: Simply rub the man’s teeth with your finger until they’re clean.

Brain Puzzle Level 73 Answer

Q: Can dogs look up?
A: Place your phone on a horizontal position (on a desk) to make the dog look up

Brain Puzzle Level 74 Answer

Q: Lift those weights. TAP FAST!
A: Quickly tap the screen until the squirrel eats the acorn.

Brain Puzzle Level 75 Answer

Q: Fix the sink!
A: Again, we have a sink puzzle. This one is a bit more difficult, since you don’t have to use all pieces:

Brain Puzzle Level 76 Answer

Q: Give me a high 25!
A: Put five fingers on the screen, at the same time, over each of the hands.

Brain Puzzle Level 77 Answer

Q: Do you know any good jokes?
A: Tap yes…

Brain Puzzle Level 78 Answer

Q: Help her find her keys!
A: Tap the can of dog food until it opens up, then drag it over the dog. Tap the hidden key.

Brain Puzzle Level 79 Answer

Q: Throw away the poop!
A: Simply swipe upwards over it.

Brain Puzzle Level 80 Answer

Q: Bob is hungry!
A: First, drag the seed in the dirt, then drag the cloud over it. It will only have a drop of water, so move the cloud around to keep dripping water until a watermelon grows. Drag it over to Bob to feed him.

Brain Puzzle Level 81 Answer

Q: What is missing?
A: Type “Snow”

Brain Puzzle Level 82 Answer

Q: Give Bob ice cream!
A: Remove the poop from the top of the cone, then drag the ice cream over to the boy.

Brain Puzzle Level 83 Answer

Q: Search! Find the fish!
A: You will find it in the lower right part of the screen.

Brain Puzzle Level 84 Answer

Q: Put everything in the box.
A: Drag all items in the box, including the question itself and the level 84 text.

Brain Puzzle Level 85 Answer

Q: Find the 0!
A: It’s not hidden in the line of text. Instead, tap the zero in the text that reads “Level 80”

Brain Puzzle Level 86 Answer

Q: Copy the pattern!
A: The same thing as before, but now you have to remember more shapes (in my case, it was Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle).

Brain Puzzle Level 87 Answer

Q: Lift those weights!
A: You already know what to do: tap the screen fast. Use 6 fingers to make it move faster – three from one hand, three from the other (ideally after placing the phone on a flat surface, like your desk).

Brain Puzzle Level 88 Answer

Q: No vowels! Hw mny dys r thr n wk?
A: Just type 7.

Brain Puzzle Level 89 Answer

Q: Protect your buns!
A: Avoid all the falling monsters, but catch the top bun when it appears on the screen.

Brain Puzzle Level 90 Answer

Q: How many potato guys are there?
A: Type the number 0.

These would be our answers for today. The game, however, is still not over and we’ll make sure to update this article if we have more answers for you!

UPDATE: A new set of solutions for levels 91 – 120 has been published – make sure to check it out if you need help!

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Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Answers: Level 61 to Level 90 Walkthrough

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