It’s time to rise to fame and take on the world’s most popular internet boxers!¬†BoxTuber is a idle clicker/boxing game where you take on the biggest stars, like True Geordie, The Sidemen, and of course the king himself KSI! Our BoxTuber cheats and tips will help you become the toughest BoxTuber in the world by gaining popularity and crushing challengers!

BoxTuber is a interesting game, blending idle mechanics into a boxing game, but it’s a fun experience nonetheless. But enough of that, let’s kick some butt with our BoxTuber cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Manage your stamina wisely!

Just about every action you take in a fight will drain your stamina (the yellow gauge below your health). If you run yourself dry of stamina, your boxer will become temporarily stunned, vulnerable to attack! Do not let this happen as you will almost take loads of damage.

Punching, blocking (even if you don’t actively block a hit), and uppercutting all cost stamina. If you do not do anything for a brief period of time, your stamina will automatically regenerate.

This doesn’t mean that you should leave yourself idle for too long though, as you will take some hits. You need to carefully balance acting and recovering, and mastering this is the key to BoxTuber!

Post videos for idle coins!

When you’re on your channel, you can tap to gain views and followers. This will increase the amount of coins you generate over time, but you can also add substantial increases by posting videos. Videos are unlocked at the bottom of your channel, and the more followers you have the more videos you can post.

Each video can also be upgraded to increased the amount of coins they earn for you. Videos will generate coins overtime, so this will be your main source of coins for the majority of your playtime. Keep posting new videos and upgrade your old ones for maximum coinage!

Always go to an event!

The final idle activity you can do are Events. Events must be started manually, and the each have their own entry fees and payouts. After starting an event, you must wait the allotted time. After the event finishes, you can collect your payout. Like videos, more events are unlocked as you gain followers.

Before you do ANYTHING else, always make sure that you have an event active. They are basically free coins, as long as you remember to start them up as you play through the fights.

Tap rapidly to beat the punchbag minigame!

Tapping on the blue punch bag in your gym will start up a minigame where you have to land as many punches as you can on the punchbag within 10 seconds. The top score is 372 taps, and at first you might be wondering how that’s possible!

There’s a simple trick to this, though. If you tap on your device rapidly using all five fingers – like a claw – the game will essentially register each tap at 5.

Do this to beat the high score easily! Beating the high score for the first time will net you a free care package, so enjoy a new clothing item!

That’s all for BoxTuber! Keep these strategies up and you’ll be the best BoxTuber in no time! If you have any other tips to share with your fellow BoxTubers, let us know in the comments below!


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