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Boxing Star Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Boxing Star Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Go for the K.O. in Boxing Star, a fast-paced high-intensity boxing game from the creators of Battle for Arrow. As an aspiring boxing star, you will need to climb the ranks of the world of boxing. Take on opponents from lowly street fights all the way to all-star boxers in the big ring! Our Boxing Star cheats and tips will show you how to become just that!

Winning in Boxing Star is all about fighting smart and controlling your attacks. We will teach you how to box with finesse in our Boxing Star cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch your stamina!

See the little EKG below your health meter? That your stamina meter. Whenever you throw punches and they whiff or get blocked, you will lose a little bit of stamina. The lower your stamina gets the slower your punches get, so do not let it drop too low!

If it hits absolute zero, your attacks will come out EXTREMELY slow. Do not forget to stop and rest for a bit to recover your stamina!

In a bind, if your stamina drops too low, you may get the option to grapple your opponent. Look for a yellow button that appears next to the dodge right button. You will put your opponent in a hold for a few seconds and while nothing comes of it, it can buy you time to recover stamina.

Use a mixture of attacks!

Your main attacks are jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Jabs are fast but do little damage, while uppercuts are very slow but deal massive damage. Hooks are the in-between, and they are your go-to for decent damage. Do not use the same kind of attack several times in a row as you will become predictable – mix it up to keep your opponent on their toes!

You can unleash a relentless assault with jabs, or you can wait for your opponent to strike first then launch powerful counter attacks.

Remember that dodging hooks or uppercuts slows down time and presents you with a powerful counter attack opportunity! Landing counter attacks stuns your opponent, slowing their attacks and rendering them vulnerable to further damage!

Understand the complex skill system!

Be sure to check into Khari’s gym often to start up new training sessions. You will need all of the skill points you can get, because the skill system in this game is a very complex! You start off with one stance slot and one skill slot.

By the way, you can unlock an additional slot if you pay 50 gold, and since you get around 200 for free simply by starting the game, we highly recommend you buy another slot.

Skills come in one of four colors, and these colors determine what type the skill is. Green skills belong to the “Counter Master” attribute, and as you can guess by the name these skills focus on powerful counter attacks.

Purple skills belong to the “Stunner Hunter” attribute, which makes you deal more damage against stunned foes.

Blue skills belong to the “Stamina Burner” attribute, which powers up your attacks when you have high stamina.

Yellow skills belong to the “Lucky Puncher” attribute, which randomly powers up your attacks.

Picking the right skill set depends on how you like to box. Do you like play defensive and wait for your opponent to slip up? Try either Counter Master or Stunner Hunter skills. Do you want to box with some finesse? The Stamina Burner set is for you! Or are you a wild card where anything can happen? The Lucky Puncher might be the set for you.

On top of all of this, keep in mind that each stance is strong and weak against another. Green beats, yellow, yellow beats, purple, and purple beats blue. By simply having the stance with the advantage equipped, ALL of your attacks will deal increased damage.

Also, while you can mix and match skills freely, it is best to stick to one attribute. For example, if you equip a blue stance and blue skills, you will activate a synergy bonus and your skills will be enhanced.

Complete Sponsor sets for bonuses!

The four sponsorship each have their own unique bonuses that has a chance to activate depending on how much of their brand you have acquired. You can keep track of what you have by checking out each brand’s Collection List. Keep fighting and winning package deliveries to get more gear.

Do note that you do NOT need to actually have the gear in your inventory for it to count towards sponsorship progress. Once you get it for the first time, it is marked and counted towards your progress – you may use it for upgrade purposes if you wish.

That’s all for Boxing Star! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Boxing Star Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


    • You can’t upgrade stamina. However, you can change your character/body type. Each character/body type has different mixture of power/speed/stamina to suit your playstyle.

    • You can only equip sponsors if you complete all of their gears. You can go to Granny/Gear then go to Sponsor then select the sponsor you completed the set of then press equip. Equip will stay disabled unless you complete their set. You can complete the set by collecting victory packages, buying the set package in the shop or if you happen to see a set item in the Rotation located in shop.

    • You get special attacks by equipping a Mega glove. The dragon is an Epic level Mega glove. You can get it by chance if you get high enough in the rank ladder or you buy packages that has an Epic chance in it.

    • In general you can dodge it by reflex. If the attack is going right then evade right, if left then left. The easiest way though is by reading the profile of the opponent before clicking Fight. You will see their stats before you attempt to fight him. Stats include HP, speed, reflex, defense, skills, special attack and the items equipped. If you click the special attack you will be able to read a hint that says what direction you should evade.

  1. @nizar you can dodge that attack by viewing the evasive move on the fight screen. before you tap fight hold their special skill down and read the description

    • 1. Try to play better: Your evasion data is retained in AI mode so if you play badly by catching all of the enemy’s punches then expect your offline version to be the same.
      2. Get better items
      3. Equip sponsor: I would personally recommend the Widestep sponsor. You will be able to defeat stronger enemies both online or offline because of it’s ultimate knockdown effect that prevents the enemy to recover if the enemy goes down. So it’s instant KO if you’re able to down your opponent.

    • Jabs is only effective in lower rank matches. Once you reach at least League 6 you’ll find that you don’t deal enough damage to finish an opponent and you will usually reach round 3 and the unanimous decision. Check the world rankings and you’ll see there are no high ranking Jab main characters.

    • You can’t really turn it on…. you get 3 hours of protection after a loss. Once it deactivates and someone beats your character again your get 3 more hours but. If someone is close to you in the rank and you show up on their “Group Match” then they can fight you even with match protection enabled. This is something relatively new.

    • It is a combination of your level and your gear not your skills or stance. As you level up and you get gear with better numbers you will see your stats improve.

    • You can’t you can equip a different one though. There is no advantage to not having a sponsor equip so once you unlock them it’s definitely a good idea to have one equip at all times.

  2. Does anyone know if there is a “grade up” guide somewhere to how many parts you need to grade up a piece of gear? I try to plan ahead and buy the gear parts with in game coin from the rotation store. I can’t remember how many rare protection parts I will need to grade up a new exclusive I picked up. I know once I hit level 15 on the gear it will tell me how many parts I need but I want to buy the parts in advance so I don’t have to wait. A gear parts grade up guide would be awesome!

  3. How do I increase the speed and reflexes of my fighter . I have better gears on but my fighters speed and reflexes are very low . What consists in upgrading the speed and reflexes ?

  4. hey guys, i want to restart the game or more like recreate my character but i dont know how to do it,can anyone teach me? i tried clear data but it automatically retrieve my previous data

  5. I have my gear to all legendary 15-22, the problem is my speed, reflex and power are week. I have way more points for endurance than most and spent a fortune on this game and I lose to much weaker opponents b/c they are so fast and I cannot get a hit in!


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