Developer Frosty Pop is no stranger to unique game ideas, having published fun and unique experiences like Big Time Sports and Lyrical Letters, among many others. Their newest game is here, and it is a rather clever blend of fisticuffs and solitaire!

Deck ‘Em! is a boxing themed game of solitaire where you will not only have to match wits with your foes but also match fists! Players will go through a gauntlet of twelves rounds to see if they can make it to the end.

In addition to usual Klondlike solitaire rules, each card in your deck has some special attribute that makes it important to your played cards. You will need to balance between a good offense and defense, and you will need the right cards to do that!

Deck ‘Em! is highly replayable, as even though you will always have to make it through twelve rounds, your opponents are randomized each time through and you also will never know what kind of cards you will get.

With simple controls, easy to pick up and play gameplay flow, stylistic hand drawn art, and plnety more, Deck ‘Em! is the perfect game to play on the go when you are itching for a fight!

Deck ‘Em! is available now on the App Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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